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@Natsuki_Marx @immatx11 @MaxZatlin @ccodfp @prageru I haven’t. And I’ve listened to a ton of his content. I would b…
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RT @MaleehaHashmey: If you haven't watched it, you have watched nothing 😂😂😂😂 شہباز گل سے مائزہ حمید کی تاریخی عزت افزائی۔ 😂 موضوع: مع…
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@1Hoe4All @OfficialMonstaX we pretend we haven't seen anything👀😂💕
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RT @hanniebunbun: their results on idol champ kept increasing while ours is decreasing please there's still a lot of time and the gap…
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@joanwalsh Yeah, up at 4AM. Never got back to sleep. What is going on? I hate to think this, but has something monu…
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@Eedsmckenzie Don’t worry, you haven’t missed much or anything for that matter. Loooolz 🥴😅
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RT @gguksanae: Just incase you haven't smiled today, here's a compilation of Jungkook making baby sound effects
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RT @yrfatfriend: New! Your desire to remain thin/become thinner might be, in part, that you don't want to be treated the way fat peo…
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it’s been 2 years i haven’t heard nor watch indonesian ads akdkdjdj
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RT @sniperj0nes: Do women still cook breakfast for there men in this generation? I’m not trolling it’s just a legit question? 😂 bec…
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RT @hanniebunbun: this frustrates me how we always lead up to polls on the first day and other day butt gets catched up when tthe pol…
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These N.J. ‘witches’ aren’t waiting for Halloween to come out
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RT @DrewSkywalker: Waking up with an L doesn’t feel as bad when you haven’t had emotions since 2017
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#แกงเหลือง25ตุลา I haven’t seen you in so long, but I can still remember your body like it was yesterday.
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RT @AbdulGidadoo: Been alive over 25yrs and still haven’t found the right thing to say if someone knocks on the door of a bathroom I’m inside🤦🏻‍♂️
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RT @saIyrics: Haven't you heard the word of your body?
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@SaraCarterDC Funny how Bernie AOC and Warren quiet —- it’s done on purpose so America forgets about them why Dems…
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Okay. I haven't started watching #myextraordinary and I think I need to mute it until I decide to see all episodes.…
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RT @vantends: today i offer you this rare footage of taehyung feeding and having fun with the bear since some of you haven’t seen…
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