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vou colocar no carrd novo dfi se atrai hate pro skz por subir tag de disband a toa e por criar space pra falar mal de outros grupos
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RT @alarmoutline: hate how poor people aren't allowed to exist
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RT @OurSeattlePride: Today is always a hard day for our community and especially for the family and friends of the loved ones we lost on…
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I hate how true this is
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RT @ireland__skye: UPDATE: he does in fact, NOT hate me 😌
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RT @RepDanKildee: To mark five years since the tragic #PulseNightclub shooting, Congress passed legislation to make Pulse a national…
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The unexplainable hate Meg receives isn’t that shocking tho, shes an Aquarius 🤷🏾‍♀️ People can’t stand us Lmaoo
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Black Mom Torches Critical Race Theory: It’s ‘Racist,’ It’s ‘Teaching Hate,’ Will Destroy America
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RT @BiggerBosser: The list of things we can do after writing Jasly matters! - hate Jasminians and question solo Jas fans. - we can…
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literally the moment joon confesses how they knew how much hate they received, i broke down 😭
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RT @jeonscIoud: o assunto que o namjoon queria falar era que entre 2015 a 2017 foi difícil pra eles e pros armys, eles viram todo o…
7,575 followers     i like to see you every day. somehow, your energy conveys positive feelings in me. i love you so much and i always want you, 𝗷𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗸𝗼𝗼𝗸!      Reply Retweet Favorite
@yejisafe ela não é my, ela taca hate da winter kk podre
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i kind of hate how when shit happens that billie needs to be held accountable for she FUCKING sees it and tries to…
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RT @davidmweissman: Why do 80 million Americans hate the NRA? Because we see you as the terrorist organization that you are.
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For all the hate the referees and players get sometimes, the job they did today was commendable man. Also, huge tha…
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RT @btsroyaIty: well if they knew about the hate they received in 2016 to 2018 then they sure as hell know about the hate they curr…
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RT @patriach2051: Spotted in the wild. I hate this mf place
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RT @vaitefodermor: anúncios do spotify hate acc
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RT @GroovyyGert: A lot of these street rappers have really good pens and i hate when people say they mumbling
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I don't like what I hate. Chineke ekwela ihe ojoo 🤧
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