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RT @milkylisapics: she worked hard to get where she is right now, forever proud of Lalisa 🖤 A DECADE WITH LISA #10YearsWithLisa
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RT @NeneWardrobe: I’ve been reading some of your tweets atoms! Thank you also for working hard to support our baobei Nene! Let’s keep…
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“When you once had an ardent admirer/ fan then that admirer turned into a hater fan, dislikes everything you do now…
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You know what’s awkward.... when you gotta tell him big boy you not interested. Not cus he big but bc he is trying to wayyyyyy tooo hard
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RT @KenneyNL: While working on my Game Boy game I wondered if it'd be possible to create games for even older consoles. Turns out…
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I’ve committed so many hours to doing late assignments and now I’m caught up. I’m never procrastinating this hard o…
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RT @hyperprisms: saw this post on tumblr and it made me laugh so hard i had to take a crack at my own version #mgs
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RT @Shikha89733359: I am desparately waiting to see How Karma will hit You Hard Dayan..😡! Rhea Planted In SSR Life
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RT @lalisarchive: 14 years old girl overcame all the struggles and hardships all the way through here. we are so proud of the person…
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@Doyoungfess suka sih tahun 2019 tapi tau dia anak nct udah dari pas ngisi ost dramanya Suho tuh, gila sih naksir b…
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RT @processic: ซอฮยอนถ่ายละคร Time ต่อจนจบ สารภาพว่าเธอป่วยร่วมสัปดาห์ เนื่องจากการใช้เวลาเป็นตัวละครในเรื่อง "มีครั้งหนึ่งที่ไ…
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RT @hyperprisms: saw this post on tumblr and it made me laugh so hard i had to take a crack at my own version #mgs
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I want to hustle hard so that wen cough in my family meeting they will say; "That's a good question 😂😂" Good morni…
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RT @TETEHOUR: the time when yoongi said no matter how hard you clench a boiled egg it wont break and the next second jungkook’s t…
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RT @Utterchad: Gn hope Night 2 tomorrow slaps just as hard
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@BrentToderian Mainz was hit hard during WW2, with large swaths of t/ quarter I live in destroyed. During its recon…
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Since no one says it, I find it very weird how edits or art pieces get upto 1000's of views but only about 100 like…
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RT @EunuEuni: Others are continuously degrading Arohas because we are just a small fandom. Our entertainment is not in the Big 3.…
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RT @TheCryptoCandy: The hard truth that nobody is willing to talk about is that $XRP will go to $10
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