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RT @fendymojoo: Kesiannya agent aku ni. Dia semangat nak menjual dan ada customer dah booking. Sampai je barang pecah. Macam mana j…
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RT @coachsenger34: @MichaelPSenger He’s using Australia as a model of how to handle Covid….that’s more than enough to discredit any other theory he promotes
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RT @wfaa: On Thursday, the Texas Education Agency released new guidance for schools on how to handle positive COVID-19 cases.…
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RT @chotuv1411: @VishrutiCh He really knows how to handle crazy FD, uske crazy demands and questions..😎.. Hats off to Karan for tha…
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RT @lecrae: If God can calm the winds and the waves, He can handle the storms in your life.
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RT @jfitzgeraldMD: I just really reject the idea that you shouldn’t tell women the realistic possible risks and outcomes of birth and…
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RT @memmosoccer: Too hot to handle s2 URKED MEEEEE
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@LewdDragonDuo 51?! Are you bloody joshing me right now?! I just saw this, and I can't handle a 9 year age differen…
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@Acai28 im about to fiuckign pass out dude i cant handle this
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RT @HRMIrene: Retweet & FAV 👈🏻 Reply your handle. Let’s Gain! 🔋!🩸*🤎•
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RT @MichaelLevin: when did @jack add the Lightning emoji to his handle tho? 👀⚡️
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@JulieElzaCa @abc13houston Define privileged…being alive is privileged…not what materials you have and it’s not jus…
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@UpperLowerClass the best are the Ikea ones that have a handle and ratchet attached. Super luxury.
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RT @_badassiee: I just wanna be a better woman, upgrade my lifestyle, how I handle people & situations. Just have complete self con…
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RT @chewycos: ꒰ wts lfb nct ph help rt ,,♡ ꒱ jisung hello future pola 🥣 php 250, clean and onhand jisung ybc 🥣 php 450, clean…
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They wanna be oppressed sooooo bad 🙄 they are willing to ignore that. We finally get a numbers advantage in TWENTY-…
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RT @yonicephaprika: Taehyung is the kind of kid who plays in the whole house (Weverse) , breaks things (password-protection) and goes…
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RT @satyasapkota22: @hernekatha please help us so that the respected authorities can listen to us! We can’t handle this anymore!#CancelNEBExams
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The Lord never gives us more than we can handle. So far he’s given me a surprise pregnancy, COVID, and a 19mm stone…
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I don't know if I can handle this
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