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@awoogoo ok but appearing the way i want and being perceived the way i want dont go hand in hand and then no euphoria ;(((((
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RT @DaskleinsteU: Würde jemand vorschlagen, die Kassenbeiträge zu erhöhen, um Pflegekräften ein angemessenes Auskommen zu ermöglichen…
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RT @TheWidowmakerX: You let go of my hand when I needed it the most.
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RT @nqbnasrullah: vivy was born in a rich family, she create her own company with family’s hand. thats why dia selfish cus she have n…
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We won't be at the bottom of the food chain. Black people down fall will be to continue to not want to work togethe…
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Umaskini sio mapenzi yetu na hizi rizki za hand to mouth ni full mateso Mungu azidi kutupigania kwenye haya mabalaa ya kidunia.
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RT @MolBavar: having the world in my hand #Morocco #Agadir #February2020
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YonaSho as Kim Wooseok - mom of the group - strongest hand grip - but actually a baby
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@PapaFoxTacos Levi lost an eye. Gokul lost his hand. Hannah lost two fingers when she triggered a trap. Alec got hi…
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Ahhhhh!!!!! I came to pick up food at my favorite Thai place in Hollywood and the lovely owner who is always such a…
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Canada is gonna give $2,000 Canadian dollars per month. Australia will do $3,000 AUD/month per employee. USA, on t…
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RT @catturd2: My dream is to be invited to the White House to meet @realDonaldTrump, shake his hand, and tell him how much he means to me.
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RT @IYC: Delhi Youth Congress workers in Wazirpur Assemly distributed safety masks, hand sanitizers and essential commoditie…
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RT @BallouxFrancois: Some light relief from usual #COVID19 news, at the expense of a wonderfully archetypical scientist. Had to check it…
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RT @debryan96962349: It takes a consciousness to see God's Gifts & Blessings~I'm conscious of all greatness, for my heart & soul see & f…
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RT @MBHeryasa: Temen2 yang mau beli hand sanitizer hati2 ya. Aku kerja dipercetakan. Dalam 1 minggu ini udah beberapa orang minta…
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Bitch told me I’m handsome told the bitch hand some money ova
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@saleemd24510481 Very right. It’s Hadees that one hand must not know while donating to the other hand
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RT @damilare_alves: Ogun state government few days ago mentioned that free hand sanitizer will be given to everyone. I’m in Abeokuta t…
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RT @GUBLERNATION: RT if your hands are so chapped from hand washing that you can’t RT this
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