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lakini 2020 if God wants to give me anything it should be white boy audacity. This mans pulls out a half-baked clas…
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RT @valvesoftware: We're thrilled to announce Half-Life: Alyx, a new full-length entry in the Half-Life series, built by Valve for VR.…
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#30 Alana Dear-Delamora with the goal Madison Central 1 Terry 0 at the half
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RT @JulieRegan_: Our final year @ClinSpeechTCD students were privileged to hear about #dysphagia from a personal perspective today.…
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@Jay_Marquez @Its_Buttaa Not with these guys dique going half lol
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@FUNKYT0WN49 Some how made top 100 but wow that was way too fast 1.5mill for half an hour to then wait a further 2…
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RT @mehdirhasan: Pregnant woman stomped on, punched in attack in Parramatta >> weird that the clear evidence this was a horrific ant…
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@HarkMaat Dat trieste #natrappen van die kids tegenwoordig, als iemand al half knock out op de grond ligt pijn te l…
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wow, i cannot wait for half the worlds population to die off
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The power of your brain is absolutely amazing!
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RT @DoomguyParody: Theres a fucking Scout figure in the shelf from the Half Life Alyx trailer Fuck you Valve, first you refuse to ackn…
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@PratikKumbhare6 @antarikshartono @utdxtra @HarryMaguire93 @ManUtd Definitely wouldn't make a good CDM. Takes far t…
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RT @itsJeffTiedrich: imagine rising from humble beginnings to become a top intelligence expert working in the US government and then hav…
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RT @bopinion: Take a look at the U.S. box office this year: 💥Four of the top seven descended from comics 🦁Three from cartoon fra…
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@NewGopforUSA Are you a unicorn? Or are there others that feel like you do? Because right now I feel half of the…
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RT @RavenRaybay: i’m not accepting half ass energy from anyone anymore
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@artellings Where’s his other half?
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RT @tysondang: Hey y’all going live in like HALF-AN-HOUR! Gonna do Nioh and MAYBE... MAYBE... Jackbox
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RT @needydummy: new punishments: does your sub wear glasses ???? snap em in half now that hoe can’t see your sub asthmatic ??? tak…
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