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@ShaunKimster 1st and goal from the 7 for the good guys
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RT @Divyaadu: Thank you in advance to anyone who participates ! 💕💕 if you have any questions DM me or comment below. I wanted to…
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@jumac15 @pat_speed @davemeltzerWON Guys become multiweight champs by going up in weight all the time, youre ignori…
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My bf friends really thought I was Somalian, Kenyan or just East African. 2 years guys 2 years.
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@goatapp I can't wait til you guys surpass StockX as Number1 authenticator
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holy FUCK guys i might be a whore
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RT @LanaDelRey: Man, I just wanna thank @QMagazine For giving me song of the decade for Video Games. I wish I had been with you gu…
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Sorry guys for the ranting.. But I swear I still cannot believe what happened..
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RT @ptersmj: you guys said i’ll excuse someone in our gc saying the f slur multiple times but i draw the line at people telling…
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RT @Shimza01: You engage online with people and when you don’t agree with them they blame it on ego and arrogance, guys some of u…
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RT @man_unusual: Sex reduces the risk of having prostrate cancer for guys, while it lessens pains during menstruation for ladies, L…
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RT @anakvnz: so y’all mad at girls for having fun being rey as if half of all cons aren’t fucking guys dressed as spiderman runn…
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i feel like i could just submit my history midterm a day late. what do you guys think?
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RT @Tyrichie_: Congratulations to Davido and chioma 💯👶👶 WizkidFC we no hate anybody oh we don't just like when u guys compere any…
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RT @chococheeseu: Tolong ya guys ini kucing kesayangan aku😭
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RT @FORESTbyTOP: ØMG guys!! i løve my smøl beans tyjø and jishwa XDDD |-/ stressed øut is ØVERRATED and if yøu like it yøu’re a FAKE…
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RT @MYLEEHANGYUL: Guys! we need some suggestions from gyulrangdans for our cupsleeve event on 7th december soon. Do drop us some name…
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RT @Ameeen_malex: Guys I've never done this before I need your Help Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Arewa twitter And southern twitter... I need you🙏
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RT @LostInXJapannn: Keep ok voting guys! Rt! #ARIAsShawnMendes
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RT @manglaksa: Guys !!! Mintak tolong sebarkan, moto kawan aku kena curi. Hilang kawasan Puchong tadi. Please sesiapa ada nampak b…
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