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Strength for you 🙏💟@bobwojnowski Your heart will guide you.
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RT @Public_Citizen: Jeff Bezos is worth $178,000,000,000. It's hard to understand how much money that is. Here's a handy guide: 1 mi…
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RT @billboard: From @OfficialMonstaX to @phoebe_bridgers, here's your guide to the best livestreams happening this week.
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Jesus Jesus Jesus .. just guide me Lord
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RT @gleamapp: Not sure where to start with your #giveaway? Check out this guide with our top tips to make your campaign a success…
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RT @ElfaruqAAhmad2: We have nothing say to @ProfZulum except to continue pray for him may Almighty Allah protect you guide you and I w…
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@furbclit Pillars of the Earth! I’m not done with it yet but so good. The Princess Bride obviously. East of Eden is…
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RT @Iamtracylynn: You've been wanting to level up in life but you just don't know where to begin? @BeyondInvestor have created an AL…
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RT @unicefchief: To mark the start of World Breastfeeding Week, check out @UNICEF's guide to breastfeeding safely during the COVID-1…
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RT @ehmercilazone: selem les frere et soeur evitez un maximum de d’abréger le nom d’Allah par exempl ne dites ps wllh mais wAllah je s…
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▶카톡 82GD◀ condition 모바일소액결제 go 현금화 guide 핸드폰소액결제 fault 소액결제현금 beg 정책미납 pat 정책미납 99%가능
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Let me guide you. but also... wouldn't be opposed to the other option.
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RT @gleamapp: We're constantly getting questions on how @gleamapp can be used to promote #podcasts so we've written this in-depth…
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RT @hissyou_Z: #プレゼントキャンペーン 第11弾! #Amazonギフト券 1,000円分をプレゼント! ★応募方法 ①@hissyou_Zをフォロー ②このツイートをRT ※参加資格は18歳以上 ★締切 8月末まで 詳細…
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RT @Anniekidder: Ontario's back to school plan has more money for cleaning buses than it does for teachers. $40 million for cleaning…
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And I should have linked the template I found so useful, too
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RT @iamtrask: "A Beginner's Guide to the Mathematics of Neural Networks" ... a nice gem 🙂 And *very* cool illustrations !!!…
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RT @AnOpenSecret: Did you know? “A Handbook for Pedophiles” is a highly detailed 170 page guide for grooming and sexually abusing ch…
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RT @designtaxi: There's also a guide on how to exorcise them
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