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@ChrisTrapasso @TrainwreckSprts @picassospizza He was asked why he grew that moustache
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Noodles was surrendered to a rescue after being attacked by the other dogs at his foster home. He was skinny, pale,…
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RT @ajc: Arden Zinn, 83, Atlanta’s maven of fresh juices who grew a devotion to the tools of good health and improved lives,…
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(3/8) Going door to door telling people about me running for Boston City Council in District 3 and hearing their c…
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RT @ahylton26: THREAD: Dr. Jennifer McKenney has had people drive by her house and film her, post awful messages about her on Face…
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RT @nectarhan: y’all are clearing hendery’s searches as if he didn’t post a whole post of him in a wig and with a kinda racist cap…
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@GroomB @HarperNorthUK @HarperCollins @andrewlownie My mother was from Leeds, uncle still lives in Headingley, wife…
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@VoxPVoxD tweet about my mother's maiden name and the street i grew up on why don'tcha
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@BellaMeShipper Exactly he grew on me haha now I love him just as much as bellamy
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RT @ahylton26: THREAD: Dr. Jennifer McKenney has had people drive by her house and film her, post awful messages about her on Face…
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RT @accuweather: A fire that started in a mulch pile in California's Jurupa Valley on Thursday quickly grew due to Santa Ana winds.…
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No, she grew up in Illinois.
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@stareagle @CIAspygirl @DannyDeraney @CherryDank People always ask me if I grew up cooking and I honestly answer them no...I grew up eating.
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can someone explain to me what it means? i grew up with this word being a synonym for diaper
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tw/ wj ahh they look like babies and they all grew up so well🥺🥺
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RT @AmPress: “Mobbed Up” has generated roughly 450,000 downloads from all 50 states and at least 97 countries. Find out how th…
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@carolecadwalla All wtf i voted to Leave because the city i grew up in is unrecognisable i never once voted for forced diversity
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i truly understand the sentiment but why r commies suddenly making her out to be EVIL evil. atleast in our mlm teac…
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@ScottPresler That’s my hometown. Grew up on the military base there. :)
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RT @Raycerx58: @TheDemCoalition Republicans are starting their shtick now on how “Biden ruined the economy, yadda yadda yadda.”…
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