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@LuanSilvaPl1 great day 👍
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RT @pineapple_jy22: Tvn has the best fantasy drama. Jtbc is great with romcom. While ocn provides me the best mystery// thriller drama.
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@Enduro7631 Great player. Somehow is underwhelming on the Preds. I don’t get this team sometimes
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RT @ICC: #OnThisDay in 2013, the great Sachin Tendulkar's illustrious international career came to an end after India wrappe…
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RT @DinkoEror: Flying over Great Barrier Reef. Just 120 km from the Australia coast. Sea plane. Great experience. #dinkosabbatical
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@sunandavashisht You are great and bold, Sunanda Vashisht. I salute you for speakig truth so boldly and eloquently…
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RT @x1members: Song suggestion for today is [Rad Museum - cloud] a few hours ago, it was great weather but there are a lot of clou…
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@PAMsLOvE No Trump won’t loose but this is yet another HUGE step BACKWARDS for the dumbest state in the union. This…
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@Ujjwal_Saurav @alok_pandey @seemamustafa @VishnuNDTV Let them criticize you doing a great job!
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RT @biannagolodryga: Reminder that Trump said Erdogan “had a great relationship with the Kurds”, right before Erdogan played an anti-Kur…
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RT @ThePoetArefke: It's very important to me that my writing is artistic. I understand that people may not share my vision, but that's…
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RT @UMichFootball: IT’S GREAT - TO BE - A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!!! 〽️ 🙌 #GoBlue | We #BeatState
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RT @ethanonfilm: ONE MORE DAY TIL THE SECOND EPISODE OF #TheMandalorian This show is so great I want to cry
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Omg yes my dad can diy things (dia buat portable ampaian kain okay!!), he build the sulap, he can cook great food,…
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RT @autumnmayc_: the round that got me my bag tonight (not a full video) but lol i never post about dancing but fuck it idgaf. also…
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RT @victoriouslogan: So far Disney+ is great but... where’s Proud Family???
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@HuffPost Great news for healthcare and education for Louisiana
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Pulamoo Junior Varsity girls basketball brought home the banner from the Bathurst High tournament with a 60-53 win…
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RT @jd_evermore: Hey @SenJohnKennedy, it must suck to be that dumb and continue to support @realDonaldTrump as his ship continues to…
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