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RT @FrankenGraphics: Legit NES graphics. I just expanded this "project borscht" scene. The original half of it consumed all 256 backgr…
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RT @NieRGame: Ready for more #NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… content? Today we're presenting the opening cinematic, a shot-fo…
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RT @traxiongg: 🤯🎁 Win the ULTIMATE gaming setup with #TraxionGG! One lucky winner will take home a PS5, an Xbox Series X and a br…
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@compoundchem What app or software do you use to make these info graphics . They are wonderful
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RT @Kist_AIO: 🥳Introducing the next level of Kist🥳 Thank you @MagnetCooks for the amazing UI and graphics. Retweet + Like For a…
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Maar even over die graphics onderaan in beeld, hè.. 😑 #verkiezingsdebat #RTLdebat
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I wanna download too but the graphics look scary
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thought i'd get back into graphics #art my IG: @father_charls
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@zanjo42069 @IlliniNewsTweet @BemusedSpartan @MSU_Basketball @bigten Hey swift in to my DM,I can make your desired graphics
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It would be really shitty to split Final Fantasy VII Remake over console generations. I will take a graphics hit if…
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@_arifa_ Hi. Kingdom on Netflix is really good. It takes place in Joseon Era and it's a zombie show but the plot is…
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@SDAGamer7 @R4ptor2125 @PokemonNewsUK If they did swsh graphics they just would have got a hate overflow
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RT @DannyVegito: Game Freak rules lmao. they heard their annoying fans wanted different devs to make these games because they though…
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"this game has terrible graphics" they say. Meanwhile people playing the game are having a blast and doing crazy…
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Where there goes my eardrums
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RT @Crimson_Mayhem_: Raid Shadow Legends brags on for having an "awesome story, amazing 3D graphics, and tons of collectables", but then…
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this is such a good article with good graphics to explain the importance of ventilation when indoors
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RT @LFSracing: New LFS version 0.6V! Loads of new features and improvements Note: This is not the big graphics update Follow the l…
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@Evan_LRodriguez My main problem is really with the rocks in ORAS but I don’t find it a big deal I mostly dislike…
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