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@morethanmySLE @LeftyVegas next part and nana replied that's o.k. dear we can pass you off us one of us. and the lo…
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@KFILE My step grandaughter suffered with brain cancer. She is w/us, but what a battle. I will pray for you every…
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RT @dodona777: Another picture of me that my grandaughter Ms 10 did entitled "Grand dad as a cat". I may use this one for my profi…
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Perfect timing, and perfect political satire. Replace Beal with Johnson and Wolford with Westminster. Off to kick…
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@citizencurran Grandaughter has taken to cannabis for relief because no help available. All she is offered is tramadol.
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@lesbiansforten @itzclitzy LMAO its a game show during qcyn, they basically pretend to be some character set up and…
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@IMcMillan First cup in hand, waiting for video call from Australia with my 3 month old Grandaughter.
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@CBlizzart @itzclitzy yes nfdkjnf it is an idiom i was just wondering wtf 2nd grandaughter of Mr jin is jnfkdjnk also keran woof woof puppy
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cardie [カーディー] [名](英) 1.カーディガン cardigan(sweater)が短縮・変化したイギリス英語のスラング。 例 I've been knitting a hooded cardie for youngest grandaughter.
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Another picture of me that my grandaughter Ms 10 did entitled "Grand dad as a cat". I may use this one for my profi…
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i just found out riley keough is elvis presley’s grandaughter
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@andylassner can you rt this wishlist for my grandaughter teacher from lastyear she is trying to get this books for…
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Our Beautiful Grandaughter Alessandras 14th Birthday 🎁👍🥰🎊🎉🎂Love You Mamas!!!💙💙💙
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@mamba_bad Just told grandaughter were going to a red sox game
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@oculus Got one for my grandaughter, but she doesn't know about it.
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@JustLoveGifts1 l would love this for my grandaughter having her first Christmas this year x
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@AZAugie @dougducey @9thFloorAZ So good to here Daughter grandaughter and SIL also have a mild case.
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@CliveSmith3000 @EBTMACK @realsb4feelings Carrie, Bojo's grandaughter?
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You WERE so very wealthy & had such a healthy famiy BUT the women You basically had to put up with and I SEE on IG…
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