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This is just some random tweets I have for you sorry na agad wrong grammar lalo kasi hahaba pag tagalog yung words🤣…
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finalmente london grammar vai soltar o album da jaula, achei q nunca ia vim ai
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RT @LEOanytime_: Kumpulan PDF belajar bahasa Inggris: -TOEFL ITP -TOEFL iTB -IELTS -Grammar -Writing -Speaking -Reading comprehensio…
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RT @haveigotnews: After university tutors are told marking down bad spelling and grammar is ‘elitist’, mathematicians suggest scrappi…
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RT @mabhusulagc: When you want to correct someone’s grammar, spelling, accent or pronunciation remember ukuthi... Isingisi akusona esakini.
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RT @JaneMichael62: So it's now elitist if children's grammar and spelling is corrected 🤷
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@thenation Grammar please
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@beler_jan HAHAHAHAHAHA HOW TO GET AWAY WITH GRAMMAR EME HAHAHA pahinga na Lesterboi, manghuhula pa tayo sa 25 bukas hahahahahahaha!
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@Grammarly Help me grammar pls 😢😢😢😭😭😭
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@eversuh if you have any more detailed questions i can oc help you too, like where to study grammar or things like…
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RT @faleesha24: Ada yang butuh website buat ngelihat grammar udah benar atau belum ga? Nie aku ada
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@roseinnbloom_ I think it should be 訳をやってみます。* Yaru is transitive & yaku would be a direct object. Everything else…
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RT @_Rawilcox: For anyone still struggling to understand what afropessimism is, here is the grammar of suffering as told by DMX:…
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y aparte tengo mi tonta escuela de ingles con mi curso de grammar y composition ya no aguantoooo tengo que haver tr…
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Ehh it's a grammar mistake? Kssjjsjsjs pardon me
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@MomentsTweetor Looks like someone needs a grammar lesson
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ROCHDALE COUNCIL OF MOSQUES CONDEMNATION STATEMENT Offensive Caricature of Our Most Noble & Beloved Prophet MUHAM…
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@morningmika @Forbes Is grammar having a moment?
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RT @TelBabe: Why do many extreme socialists curse people who no longer vote for their kind of Labour … and use bad grammar and s…
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@JannatHrDilKi @Naren_Reddy23 @venkateshprasad Tamil grammar never accepts your words also. Tamil word -- f…
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