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reminder that discount code GRAD which will get you 50% off!! good until midnight 5/29 🌟🌏🌟🌍🌟🌎🌟…
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RT @SeyranAtes: Mein Statement in der @BILD zu den letzten Tagen: „Deutschland braucht eine 180-Grad-Wende in der Migrations- und…
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RT @Parappa_GANG: Officially survived my 1st year of grad school
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@angeschnauzt Was für eine Frage! 1,5 Grad natürlich. 😂😉
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RT @davidnist: *Dear Twitter I was nicer 2 ppl 2day. not FB nice; only shaded 3 ppl. a grad student, an oil guy, and that Swede…
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@seharishhh @grad_grind @waqqas99 لوگ عمران سیریز کو فضول اور حقیقت سے ماورا سمجھتے ہیں جبکہ انگریزی فلموں کے ہیرو…
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These grad school applications are gonna kick my ass but its time to be my own sugar mommy lets get it
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@julian_kull @ideoh @FAZ_Feuilleton Ahso, also mal so, mal so, grad wie's passt. Eine Typ, der wie - z.B. - Friedr…
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@AnnonDocss @IntelCrab As with Donetsk city airport, it was held by Ukrainian forces. The literally flattened it wi…
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A graduate education is about much more than the academics. Your complete education is our goal. We’ll give you wha…
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RT @georgina__steph: With grad admission offers from JHU, UCSD, BU, and UW, I’m elated to announce that I’ll be pursuing my PhD in chemi…
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@tvsportnerd @tv2newsdk Ja i den grad 🙄
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Grad 20 Minuten straight ohne Pause mit einer Vertrauensperson über meine momentanen Gedanken geredet! Wow das war erleichternd!
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RT @gotdis_io: Deciding what success looks like is up to you. Make sure you set healthy expectations that will bring you real sati…
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Im also not in friendships where everything is calculated. There are def exceptions where I can understand, for exa…
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@GauhlB sieht gut aus! 😍 Hier ist grad ne Vegi-Lasagne im Ofen 😄
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RT @DiversifiedKre: Grad/Senior cups on sale! Congrats to all the grads!!
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RT @WestVirginiaU: Rocking a gold and blue tie, the first @Jeopardy Tournament of Champions semifinalist is one of our grad students!…
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Ich gucke ja ein #LetsPlay zu #ResidentEvilVillage... Ich bin grad bei einer Folge wo das Spiel zu einer Action-Ar…
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