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@sjgarver The TAs did this in grad school, but with crayfish.
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RT @CarminRosado: a lot of grad students live paycheck to paycheck and still pay more taxes than the president.
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RT @OSMRE: Cassandra used her OSMRE @AmeriCorps experience to fulfill required grad school credits. In Dec. 2019, she earned a…
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RT @nonchalantlee_: i hate school like i was considering grad school but nah. slide me this lil bachelor’s degree & leave me alone
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Great to see Greene grad @nate3erickson getting the special teams scout MVP nod this week for @CuseFootball from th…
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@amkkaken_ @esrra382 @loooek Wir spielen grad und hören auf wenn du kannst
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i still have yet to take grad pics lol .. it’s never gonna happen
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grad ne Stunde lang vines auf YouTube geschaut
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RT @gerda_hier: Arte hat in letzter Zeit gute Filme. Jetzt grad :im Labyrinth des Schweigens
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@ChacoOttb Did I know you are in CO? Have we chatted about this? Pandemic brain if so... I grew up there,…
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@ally_wharton Good reminder that the number one factor in your future is, of course, you--and not that prof. (And f…
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RT @RayVC4: Raise your hand if you, as a grad student, paid higher taxes than the President?
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@tiffykiller Einfach mal mit seinem Hund durch die Hood Reiten 😅 Ich frag mich grad was der Gute wohl für einen nat…
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Während englisch arbeit wo ich easy volle punktzahl hätte einfach ne herzattacke bekommen mein lehrer meinte egal g…
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right now I'm just a grad student, but last year I had a research tech job, worked in a rock gym, did yard work and…
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Ey, meine Nachbarn heizen alle schon deshalb sind es 24 grad im zimmer. Das ist zu warm
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RT @blackvoices: A newly-reported ballistics record is undermining the claim that the officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor we…
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RT @schoolagainpod: My guest this week is Gabriel Wilhelm - HR specialist and recent @AthabascaU grad! Gabriel share's how his time spe…
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Arte hat in letzter Zeit gute Filme. Jetzt grad :im Labyrinth des Schweigens
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RT @The_DavidBudd: #SONDAKİKA Ermenistan Ordusunu tarafından Azerbaycan Güçlerini vurmak için ateşlenen ve patlamayan bir topçu merm…
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