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RT @agustdrippy: when he gets excited and knows he’s gonna win he gets so proud
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RT @CORPSE: thanks 4 the love on an offline stream lmao, stuff has been pretty bad lately so that was really nice to see, gonna…
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RT @airikadorseyy: I’m not nonchalant at all. You’re gonna know if you hurt me, upset me, angered me or made me happy. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m very vocal.
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@ThunderND People still gonna act like assists and rebounds are bad for the team because it’s Russ
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Gonna be a long night for Pavard
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RT @gaialect: i was gonna say something but i forgot
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@AfterWorldComic I FORGOT ABOUT THE GHOST GIRL!!! I'm definitely gonna include her! Also Newt wif da tummy!
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RT @StitchDoll: Hey, I’m gonna post this again now because my situation isn’t getting much better. My parents literally made me sic…
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RT @every1wearamask: The USA either has a very violent populace that warrants police killing so many citizens OR The USA has murdery…
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RT @TheJose8A: It’s gonna be 3 years since JK first mentioned his mixtape and since I decided to do this. I’ll wait however long J…
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RT @jhopestudio: those details on tinytan are so accurate,,gonna protect hobi at all costs🥺
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@_DanielleWatson Yess!! Its gonna be rubbish when it ends!! :(
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I’m just really fucking tired. Gonna try to write later but I need to have a little pity party rn
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@soophie06 i’m gonna kill myself </3
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RT @TheJessieWoo: They're really going to run with this "Daunte Wright's killing was an accident" narrative and we're not gonna get a…
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@ConnaghtRanger I was but I’m gonna get back into it
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@bunniespaws WERE NOT EVEN GONNA TALK ABOUT WHAT I LOOKED LIKE, my head was literally shaped like an alien
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RT @shinobi602: Okay video games, I'm gonna need you to slow down these next couple months a little bit. I need time to catch up.
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Everytime hes got the ball i stand & shout he is gonna do something which is uncanny🔥🔥😍
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