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RT @Nmonaeeee_: y’all might get tired of me saying it but God literally aligning everything in my favor rn like it’s so crazy!
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RT @Fentuo_: When we shout #FixMotherGhanaNow, it’s things like what we are hearing about Korle Bu that needs fixing. A lot of p…
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RT @StudioGreen2: Happy birthday to our action backbone s @anbariv masters ..started our journey with madras and now u are rocking ev…
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RT @hbmark93: Jay was like “We’re GOT8. Let’s go for dance practice” OH GOD
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RT @sambitswaraj: Never Pray to God to take someone else’s life ...the very essence of prayer is lost ...PRAYER is a prayer ..Never P…
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RT @vanbadham: This speech from Frydenberg is his audition for PM and I think we can all appreciate it has the charismatic quality…
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RT @xxelaii: HAPPY 13MONTHS OF LOVE BABY🥺❤️ no more sweet message coz god's knows how much i'm grateful u came in my life ur suc…
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RT @dailyseung: minhyuk's bias in skz is lee know and he said he's known him a longer period of time oh my god
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RT @Alexis_patt: “God is within her, she will not fail” 🎓B.S. Electronic Media, Business Administration minor Summa Cum Laude Natu…
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RT @watan_6: A Holy Qur’an was burned today in Palestine By Israeli forces 💔 But do you know what is written on the page that…
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RT @moriagape: God's gift to me. I love you so much sir #WorldOnayinkaDay
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@DrAmirKhanGP Gorgeous place that’s why you smile God give you many many years to enjoy DR Amir
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RT @henree_de_vii: One thing about God ,he’s going to show you why he had you wait.
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RT @WWERomanReigns: Round the 🌎 we go! Thank God he’s back! #Workhorses 🤙🏽
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He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God. John 8:47 King James…
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RT @iamkimiem2: This is what God taught us in the Church of God. In Galatians 6:10, we are taught do good unto all men as long ther…
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@freakshow1055 @BasicBritch @DJrifik, gm freaks it's 🌮 Tuesday baby. Can't wait for lunch. All is gd thank God. Hop…
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Even God himself can’t escape Marco Rubio’s legendary hypocrisy. His daily desecration of the Bible is an insult to all Americans.
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@Styxified I juss hope to god that I don’t scrap it cuz in my head I juss imagined it on how it’s gonna look like
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RT @WuraolaIfalola: Laycon also talked about skin God in my genes, that's the true religion God is only fair, He believes we're all equ…
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