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RT @EarlOfEnough: Sinema: OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?! McConnell: Actually, that IS God. Sinema: God? That old, evil, disgusting thing is…
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@Paddockgirlie @officialcufc Dear god there’s no hope 🤣🤣 have a blinking epic time
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🎶And I'm black rainbow And I'm an ape of god I got a face that's made for violence upon And I'm a teen distortion S…
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@markpoloncarz My god why are we still reporting numbers of people who aren’t currently there for Covid treatment o…
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Assista em: "Survival of the Fittest" foi o primeiro album gravado pelos @headhuntersband ,…
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RT @AlistairBegg: God does not prevent storms from coming. But He is a God who is both present through them and sovereign over them.…
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God’s not dead…He’s surely alive! #...🤗
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It's 23 degrees and ppl sum dude is freezing his ass 9ff right now on corner trying to make 50 bux so he can get hi…
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RT @moisturizeds: Of course it’s just men sitting on couches with microphones my god
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But lord it’s so toxic, and draining. Praying to God for strength and he’s been giving it to me
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RT @BLOODTYPEBUZZ: What is hell if not God's DNI list
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RT @taurenwells: God’s delays are not God’s denials.
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RT @rhodesatukwase1: 1. Rich 2. Funny 3. Goodlooking 4. Amazing sex You will never find a man with all 4. God’s way of punishing ladies for Eve's mistake.🤦‍♂️
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RT @BLOODTYPEBUZZ: What is hell if not God's DNI list
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@FeministRoar God I hope she is. I'd love her even more, if that's possible
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RT @mathiu_winfred: Take a moment to appreciate how awesome you are- Yes,you are! You were made with all God's divine skills. Don't put…
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Rachel and Andrew!? God that’s going to be a must see when it gets released.
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