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in other news I’ve burned double my calorie goal for the day and it’s only 7:00
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RT @rocketorca: Only $259 until the first stretch goal is unlocked!!! Sooooo close! #evangelion #nge #enamelpins #anime…
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RT @CambMA: Cambridge has announced it is extending outdoor dining in the City until 60 days after the end of the Commonwealth’…
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RT @nakitamarie_: Hello Twitter a few months ago I was kicked out of my home for coming out as trans, I'm currently homeless it's cau…
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morrer virgen e chegar a ser santo, GOAL DE VIDA
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RT @junkyufirst: 🐷: "our goal is to win the rookie of the year award" 🦊: "we only have one chance" 🐨: "i wish treasure becomes a h…
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RT @Philz_adamz: Being financially stable and genuinely happy is an ultimate goal
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my official goal in life is to become one of heechuls kims
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A second-and-goal at the 21 coming up for Bloomington North. I count eight penalties for the Cougars thus far. That's 63 yards docked.
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Goal: move to a diff city
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RT @GaryLineker: Tough start to the season for @FCBayernEN who didn’t score a single goal in the last 5 minutes of their 8 nil openi…
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RT @iran_policy: Gen. James Jones, ex-US National Security Advisor: Iran's regime is the number one supporter of terrorism around t…
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Out of the timeout, BCHS jumps offsides. Now goal to go from the 3.
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RT @PastelRune: I have ordered an air purifier, but if you would like to help me recoup the cost, or support me in other endeavors…
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19’ - Goal Wayne Sporting. Rebels are hit on the counter and the visitors take the lead. 0-1. #COYR
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I got on warzone i turned on my stream and i was like , lemme play random trios, first Game i got in was a win. Another goal done! 😂😂
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RT @JennaHarner11: After re-signing a 2 year deal with the Penguins, I asked Jared McCann about his biggest goal for next season. I…
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After a fumbled punt by the Hurricanes at their four yard line, the Seminoles are only able to get a field goal. 6…
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*GASP* you guys!! It’s time for us to start DARK SOULS 1 tonight!! Ultimate goal on this one is platinum as well, s…
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