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RT @LemonGenshin: Y’all crushed the like goal on this, so I’ll keep my promise. 2 winners, 1 welkin each. To enter: Like+RT End…
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RT @kellydeannews: Capilouto also spoke on the accomplishments of the UK College of Medicine-Bowling Green Campus which broke ground i…
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RT @Hades_Shdw: Au futsal à la fac ça a boudé là parce que j’ai allumé les cages alors que c’est une fille au goal mdrrr qu’est-ce que j’en ai à foutre
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RT @MilanEye: After @Brahim’s goal 🤩 [via @maicosuelo]
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RT @torqui111: @mozaiqmoze memwho | @Esca9e66 ⁩ Help Mem & Ice get secured housing ! They need our CONTIN…
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RT @malaleusement: Laysehel 3la valverde f chi goal hta houa 🥺❤️
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@FplVelvet I'm not blaming him for the set peice goal that's coaching imo The other was bad You have to admit he'…
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RT @Army_Connect: If you we can reach the goal by mind-noon tomorrow, we can focus on #MyUniverse prep & enjoy all the content withou…
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RT @ddawnniee: ‼️time sensitive ‼️ Please help me out with purchasing my math textbook, I can’t afford to miss assignments and I…
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RT @MilanEye: After @Brahim’s goal 🤩 [via @maicosuelo]
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RT @MilanPosts: 🎙️ #Pioli to #DAZN: "The extra thing this year is that we are stronger with the fans, they are giving us extra str…
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🎥⚽️ Good anticipation and finish from Elliot Chan to follow up Alex Clark’s blocked free kick. #football #soccer…
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RT @MikeCollinsGA: I have been a TRUMP supporter and donor since DAY 1. I am an OUTSIDER, TRUCKER and business EXECUTIVE. My AMERI…
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My goal for Twitch is to be affiliated. I'd appreciate if you guys hop onto my streams a bit more so I can hit affi…
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@EclipseLUFC @lufcjack33 @JasonLufc2003 proud to get my first goal for the team, Vamos Football Twitter 💪🔥
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There is never a bad goal,but bias because the hardest thing to do in the game of football is to put it at the back…
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RT @Arsenal: ✅ Goal in the second round ✅ Goal in the third round 💥 @LacazetteAlex #CarabaoCup
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RT @goal: The four fastest players in #FIFA22 ⚡️ Kylian Mbappe takes top spot 🥇
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@Goziedominic @goal Lol. The only cup you fit get hope to win 😂😂.
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