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@rebelrebel1900 Thank you for giving me that honor.
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RT @RehamKhan1: A few days ago someone very senior in a discussion declared there was no risk of giving airbases to the Americans a…
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@nnumby Giving some1 a bj
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RT @GMR_Finance: Announcement 3: We are giving away a $5,000 gaming rig to one lucky HODLER! 🎖️ All you have to do is retweet this…
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@SpaceCowboy9000 Aint no way stop and shop giving ANYBODY $25 an hour 😂😂
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RT @laurajm8: Morning! I’m giving away a signed early proof copy of my new book #TheAnniversary, not out til 5th August. Retweet…
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RT @AmyAThatcher: Owner of Derby winner Medina Sprint said that "cancel culture" is the reason his horse failed it's drug test. Um...…
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did you know that a tree can identify when it is going to die & starts giving its nutrients away to other trees thr…
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RT @Manville54: Talk about bring in the clowns as the media helping with the destruction of Labour by giving them air time
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RT @JheneAiko: i am open to giving. i am open to receiving. i am open to letting go 🔂
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RT @elgindy_: I know blanket “Israel has a right to defend itself” statements make folks in DC feel good, but they do nothing to…
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RT @mike_doscher: In progress. I go from thinking Painter is the worst program ever to the best and back. It's thinking like this th…
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RT @YachadUK: Giving Jews rights, and denying those same rights to non-Jews, is racist. This is what is happening in…
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RT @Hacker0x01: This week, we partnered with @HackersHealth to support Hacker Who Paint, giving hackers an opportunity to participa…
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RT @suhahhht: So I had a dick appointment last night & he took his shirt off while giving me back shots & choked me w it &
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RT @raphkoster: @gengelstein @keithburgun The book was based on talks he had been giving since 2009 or so:
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Giving Isaac an update after being apart for 36 hours
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RT @eaglemees: 🎁GIVEWAY TWO BDS R6 BUNDLES🎁 To celebrate the Six Invitational 2021 I'll be giving away 2 BDS R6 skin bundles. All…
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RT @JheneAiko: i am open to giving. i am open to receiving. i am open to letting go 🔂
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RT @JheneAiko: i am open to giving. i am open to receiving. i am open to letting go 🔂
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