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RT @schwarz: Imagine all the medals US elites are going to give each other after they kill us all
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RT @jendeukiebabo: BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA~~~ almost never... once a year... mini album... hardly any promotions... where’s blackpink??…
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RT @CashAppPayments: @CashApp I’m going give $1,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet in the next 12 hours (must be following…
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RT @delaraay96: Someone give me Romans # so I call and ask this nigga why tf his bitch ass ain’t fighting.
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@GeorgiaL3mur Hey give me a whats up no
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i do not care that louis has answered you, because it would not be good to give you kisses and behind his back you…
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#AnuragKashyap aah don't make it a communist country let him enjoy whatever he say he is the same man who give Bomb…
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@soledadobrien They know far fewer ppl will remember and hold them accountable for these statements vs those who w…
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RT @AnnieLaur: @2runtherace God bless you too! Thank you for all you do for our family in Christ & our Q family.. were in a battle…
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RT @henrywinter: Furloughing? Expected better from Liverpool. Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme designed to help smaller, vulnerable…
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RT @_svbeee: me when i give somebody my phone and they holding it too long
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RT @KwikWarren: trump is both evil and crazy...and he’s getting a little bit more of each by the hour. Something’s gotta give, like…
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@RajivKumar1 @NITIAayog @moayush @DainikBhaskar Ministry of Ayush today give lectures to NSS officer of Gujarat Ayu…
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RT @jayythedope: Girls will post their cute female friend's photo and find it hard to give you her phone number, I'mma just say you're a lesbian. Keep her 🤗
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RT @jahnuaryy: Who give St E internet?
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RT @ghostinconan: GIVEAWAY!! in these dark times, it’s always important to give. i’ll be giving any item listed below(besides the swe…
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@The__Goomba I had someone message me in the morning saying "hello" after following me. They had unfollowed me by 4…
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RT @inspiredkarla: la era "camila/cc1" nos dió a something's gotta give
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We can give Mind to Material. Robot can have Strong Artificial Intelligence.
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RT @jendeukiebabo: Blackpink deserves so much better 🥺 Please give them the treatment they deserve!!! Let them release music 🙏🏻…
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