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RT @CouRageJD: I'm competing in a $350,000 UNO tournament tomorrow... If I win, then I will give 5 people who RT this $500 dollars. Wish me luck!
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RT @callmedollar: If Luther’s background singers didn’t do anything else, they were going to give vocals and movements!
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RT @R_Humanoid: @youdebunked @tariqnahmed @AsmaHumairKhan thank you very much this was the issue one guy told a hadith without any…
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RT @sela_jungwon: 🐧 it has already been 3 years since I knee Jay. He always makes us laugh but when he’s on stage he’s very charismat…
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RT @afcfct: ☀️+ ⚽️ =😃😃😃 Who's joining us for our Football Development Centre this evening? We cannot wait to see everybody!…
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RT @khilanii: mid argument i always be realizing i don’t even give a fck 🥴
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RT @KTH_D0LL: Reply anything and i'll give u one <3
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RT @BayoOmoboriowo: “The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who'll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspirat…
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@paricyte @buffcore PARI!!!! GIVE ME THAT ASS!!!!
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RT @RDE424: สุ่มแจก Give away 5 คนค้าบ ไม่มีค่าส่งนะคะ เมนชั่นติดแท้ก หรือจะอวยพรน้องด้วยก็ยินดีมากเลยนะคะ จะตามอ่านอย่างดีเลย…
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RT @MeenuJain012: #NanhaFarishta is the world smallest #mobilehospital. It's designed by #StDrGurmeetRamRahimJi #HospitalOnWheels giv…
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RT @ananavarro: How many Trump-supporters who underestimate COVID and speak against containment measures and vaccines must get sick…
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@russellcrowe What you give you get Exactly We call it La ruota della fortuna...
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RT @alondraangelee: If you give me a bracelet, necklace, ring, any type of jewel I’ll wear it forever 🥺
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RT @CageyRatfish: Sending this song out to all my fellow unvaccinated non-essential retail workers. PS: @jjhorgan @adriandix YOU SUC…
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Done for the morning. Action still slow but got that nice short off $MYMD halt resume and some decent scalps off…
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@Feralman_Music Yeah definitely give them 4 a go. I love the band very underrated.
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I vote #Juice for #BestCoverSong at the #iHeartAwards give me that adrenaline that adrenaline
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RT @JBcidfr64WSIITD: แจกGive away วันเกิดเจย์นะคะ 1เซต ตามภาพเลยนะคะ มีค่าเดินทางน้อง25บาท ใครสนใจทักเรามาได้เลยค่ะ โปสการ์ดขนาด4x6 กับไ…
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