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RT @dk_anjjj: Iba yung ngiti ni donny pag usapang kisses na no? Pansin niyo ba? Kumikinang ang mga mata girl! Hahaha Donny Marupo…
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RT @cheekay_: Forget make up and all that, if you want to know a girl that's pretty, look at her face when she's just waking up from sleep
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RT @Moon22835988: Marians won’t attack you but if u attack our girl we no go rest!!!!!! Know this nd knw peace!! #BBNaija
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RT @TheLondonHughes: Saw someone comment about me “ugh she’s in America now, why is she talking so much about black issues in the uk?” ……
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RT @snypa_CFC: Nobody is more stressful than an “I know my rights” ass girl. They are just there to complicate your life.
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RT @SubjectKpop: Korean News reporting on TWICE "Fancy" surpassing 100 million stream on Billboard Japan, proving their long-lasting…
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RT @InsideNoVA: Officials in Ocean City, Md., are investigating a suspected shark bite that left a 12-year-old girl with 42 stitche…
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RT @BeyriahsVocals: 20 years ago on this day, ‘Bootylicious’ went #1 on billboard’s singles chart. No single by a girl group has gone…
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RT @pmjamilla: Happy anniversary to the nation’s girl group Girls’ Generation and to the iconic protest anthem Into the New World.
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RT @thelocalsmy: bila adanya kes macam ni, dah boleh nampak betapa corruptnya negara kita. dari banyak segi. this girl just stood…
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not 14 year olds being heartbroken, did your boyfriend ask for a pen from another girl? how sad :(
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Girl me sacaste las ganas, sueño con no ver más tu cara
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Let me raise the toast, to the girl I love most in the whoooole world
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RT @Kyouko_hikaru07: #いいねかRTで気になった人フォローする 𓂃 𓈒𓏸 齊藤京子と森田ひかるのヲ🐰💍*。 99 ︴girl 👸🏻💜︴Okayama 既読感覚でいいねポチポチ押してくだ さい💎お迎え多めです🐶🖤
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@reddogsusie I pledge $25 for this sweet girl🙏🐾❤️ Praying Honey finds a perfect home 🏠 where she will know what it…
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RT @JYPn_official: [📢] DING-DONG! POP UP, GUESS WHO THIS IS? JYPn의 Qualifying Highlights가 잠시 후 공개됩니다! 놓치지 말고 모두 아래 링크를 확인해주세요👇 🏆…
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@taylorswift13 no😭 I don't. girl. I just came home from work..from my new job.. please I'm tired😭 I don't wanna activate my brain again
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@taylorswift13 this is so sick and twisted of you 😭😭 HOW TF AM I SUPPOSED TO FIGURE THIS OUT GIRL I'M LITERALLY DUMB 😭
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@anandmahindra @naandi_india Nice to see Sir. At the same time,not so nice to see a girl child 9 years,raped n murd…
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