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RT @MSNBC: BREAKING: Chancellor Merkel says German officials have agreed to a 4-week shutdown of restaurants, bars, cinemas, t…
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RT @AP: BREAKING: German officials agree to a four-week shutdown of restaurants, bars and other leisure facilities in a bid…
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RT @Reuters: German watchdog launches new investigation into Amazon: report
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RT @nonstandardmcd: mctrain (1993) german federal railways, germany deceased (failed concept)
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RT @MSNBC: BREAKING: Chancellor Merkel says German officials have agreed to a 4-week shutdown of restaurants, bars, cinemas, t…
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The German City named Kassel in which i am living is undergoing a one month lockdown.
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@glaad @dotgay no, im german
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@JackSleepwalker @PottGeek @German_European Kopfkinokopfkinokopfkino Ooooohjeeee😂😂😂
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@german_mtz @danielddlv A HHHUUUUEEEEVVVVOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
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RT @paulocoelho: Already published: Italiano, Français, Español, German English speaking countries: Nov 10 #TheArcher (an illustrat…
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Those learning Japanese from Duolingo, tread carefully. It seems to like the word あなた(akin to sina in Estonian or D…
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@vqniida yeah petra is a german as well as a slavic name (i’m slovene and here this name is v popular but i also sp…
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@ThatsJacqueline I hear ya. My German mother is just like that. Not to be helpful or anything. But because she’s a miserable person.😞
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RT @mfa_russia: 🗓 October 28, 1944 #Ukraine was finally liberated by the #RedArmy from the #German invaders. The liberators were of…
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@tobamv @jmarman84 @german_morilly @infobaeamerica La facultades funcionan a distancia en su mayoría, el entretenim…
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No hay nada que represente mejor la relación entre Mr German y yo que este video. Obvio yo soy el que maneja
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and then the German said "no we are not tearing it down because this reminds us of what we DON'T want to become" that story hit me hard
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@LANERGONGZl Wait are you German?
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