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RT @RFentonMD: Reminders from my adolescent call week: - Diet culture is toxic - Eating disorders do not have a specific gender, r…
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RT @betterthemask: I simply don’t understand why other cis people aren’t purely grateful to learn from trans explorations of gender, &…
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@treadmilljunkie @MargaretAtwood Biology overwhelmingly recognises gender identity as a thing that exists and is di…
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RT @GBBranstetter: Ursula K. Le Guin on gender-neutral language
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RT @GBBranstetter: Ursula K. Le Guin on gender-neutral language
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RT @timwalker919: Gender integration is still absent from the policy agendas and, where it is included, there is a lack of implementa…
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RT @lovelesscrow: The "logic" behind "nonbinary means genderless" is the idea that there are only two genders (man and woman) and tha…
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gender-integrated olympic sports where steroids are still banned for men but are allowed for women
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RT @UNESCO: 👏Careers. 👏Have. 👏No. 👏Gender.👏 Period. #WomenInScience
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RT @CHARLIEBOT34: Shadowstriker Trickdiamond If you're curious of the gender ratio, that's 7 fembots and 5 mascbots, bringing Kingd…
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@Pineappledoc09 Bro he dont have gender But ill take this
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RT @rexglacer: Imagine if we bragged about their economic & business development skills & achievements the way we brag about their…
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Explained to the researcher before coming in: OK, I was assigned male at birth… And I present very male… But my lic…
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RT @whatgenderareyu: “what’s your gender?” crunchy leafs
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RT @akkabah: I was pregnant in 2017 and not once, as a non-binary person, did any doctor, nurse, pregnancy info class, or info s…
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RT @SonyaDouglas: I think it’s important to leave space for TRAs/allies to change their minds about gender and embrace reality once m…
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@nytimes It’s frightening to think of someone who thinks children should undergo hormone therapy and gender reassig…
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RT @GBBranstetter: Ursula K. Le Guin on gender-neutral language
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