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RT @kat_tastic: this is like the worst group project ever. so many people are doing the work and following the rules but there are…
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My boyfriend's lucky that I like him and that I think he's a fucking geek
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@geek_access Top 20 cinema of all time. It’s a masterpiece I have watched countless times.
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RT @PenanceRPG: Tomorrow sees the finale of Plummet season 3 - Nerekhall! Catchup on ep 44 & this week's ep #DnD #RPGs #trypod…
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I like raving in my room but I miss my friends and watching other people geek out when there’s sick beats
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RT @BrazilBrian: Bolsonaro is alone. NO other major world leader is downplaying virus the way he is. Yes, there's *rigorous* debat…
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A little answer's all I seek, about this game you furry geek!
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RT @Musicopia: Hey friends in #yeg 1 of the best bakeries in town is struggling - store full of fresh items and no customers - sup…
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RT @chuckietoyou: 😭you niggas are losers and I just want y’all to face that. She’s not choosing whatever “evil thug” you’ve made up i…
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RT @7jeeeeeeec: Since we're just talking about animation and animators, do you even know how anime production works? Here's Ginta…
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21. The Dark Knight Rises It's not perfect but it's honestly a fantastic conclusion to Nolan's Batman
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@TSM_ZexRow 100+ buttons on a keyboard...mouses with 12 plus buttons on them...and this geek is complaining about a…
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@TomTaylorMade I cannot tell you how much "The Deep" has meant to my 12yo daughter. She's such a huge fan. She now…
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@m_y_b_geek 初めましてたぐにいいねありがとうございます! 誤反応でなければ繋がりませんか?🥺
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RT @brianschatz: The virus is not Donald Trump’s fault. But the failed federal response is certainly his responsibility.
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@greencuties420 Let's celebrate! 🥳
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01: Definitely someone who lovesss fully. She’s gorgeous liiike... breathtakingly gorgeous!! Beri glad to have some…
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@Paytm @PMOIndia @narendramodi @geek_abhay here’s why bcci is getting criticised. They’re bigger than paytm
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