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RT @dawnstaley: We all need to take a bow for these women of the @WNBA because they gave us EVERYTHING they had! Beautiful!…
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RT @hybridmink: Other M ain't great, but at least it gave us military school Samus!
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..and I get kind of mad because I feel like my parents , stole my drawings and paintings and gave it to @Drake . An…
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Our Queen of the Week is Mariella! Aaliya gave the journal to Mariella because she loves how Mariella is always mak…
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RT @rkkaaay: “Your trauma made u stronger” No, my trauma made me traumatized, it made me weak, gave me sleepless nights and memo…
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RT @dreamymerder: What is one season finale on grey’s anatomy that gave you so many mixed emotions in a seconds? Obviously THIS sea…
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Publix heiress, funder of Jan. 6 rally, gave $150,000 to GOP attorneys general association
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RT @jeonmanwon: #4. When everyone was fooled into thinking Cheol gave pocket money to Hoshi and Jeonghan for 9.9 sale.
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RT @nutaeya: Did Yeji gave her heart to Winter or did Winter stole Yeji's heart? 😭
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RT @MyGrindelwald: he gave everyone on the outskirts a nod of appreciation." Johnny Depp receives massive love and support in Italy
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RT @ProjektSeiba: @onelickless artist is lontongs_ on instagram (idk their twitter) (they gave me permission for this)
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where are those better benefit of the doubt moment @JWiziy gave
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RT @PamelaL38015870: John 3:16 ¶ For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should…
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RT @Shuajii: no but is this the reason why pledis didnt gave us a good celebration for their 6th anniversary. i mean theyre doin…
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RT @marykarrlit: 32 years ago today, I stumbled into a church basement w/ a hatchet-in-the-head hangover & a belly full of shame. Pe…
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RT @MySportsUpdate: The #Steelers broke precedent and gave TJ Watt a massive 4-year, $112M deal that included $80M fully guaranteed ove…
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@ThatEricAlper Totally had this happen to me at a Paul McCartney show! Had tickets waaaaaay up in the nosebleeds. S…
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RT @SentaiFive: They gave StaCaesar a Zenkaiger roll call for obvious reasons, and it's nice! #Zenkaiger
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RT @softaetaee: When Taehyung gave everyone free hugs
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they done fucked around and gave me the cheat code it’s up
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