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RT @ivan_8848: Bill Gates: “This was an interesting test of people’s trust in their politicians or their health system. We didn’t…
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RT @daegorr: Bad And Crazy promotions are in full swing, and now Happy New Year has finally started promoting. THE FLOOD GATES ARE OPEN
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RT @LuetzowQ: Am Montag startet der Prozess gegen #GhislaineMaxwell .Sie hat es bisher geschafft am Leben zu bleiben. Den Fall we…
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RT @HerrBains: Muftkhors are the ones who open the city gates for the invaders to march in. Read what Robert Clive wrote about the…
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RT @RealCalvin1: It still amazes me people take health advice from Bill Gates. He's a computer designer who dropped out of college.
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RT @JonErlichman: Yearbook photos: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Tim Cook & Jeff Bezos.
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RT @micheleconunaL: El 31/12 CDC retirará la autorización de emergencia a las pruebas PCR pues no son exactas como único método de diag…
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😂❤ i feel like gates on my worse day . nighas better go find themselves a hobby . my dick for women.they can spy all the want
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RT @MAlpelicano: India: Primera demanda por asesinato contra Bill Gates, el fabricante de AstraZeneca (Covishield), su socio Adar Po…
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Goddamn, RAW folks been getting luggage fucked a lot lately.
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RT @joaokjkkkk: Lista de pessoas que não fizeram o Enem e são fodas Neymar Bill gates Elon Musk Joseph joestar Deyverson Pica pau…
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@jungshine_ @ChiGal4Bangtan @BTS_twt Broke af. Need Bill Gates to marry me now.
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RT @ArtistRuskin: The Gates of the Hills, 1855 #ruskin #johnruskin
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RT @karinamichelin: ICH: Bill & Melinda Gates, Anvisa, PHRMA E IFPMA = BIGPHARMA. VEJAM O QUE É A IFPMA 👇🏻👇🏻
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@USA1sst88 @Real_iTamara India comes in South Asia not in Africa and it's a south asia giant (tweet from an indian…
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Manning Sanders Moss Gates
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RT @IloveGod2057: Gates Foundation Sent Over $54 Million To China Since Covid, Including To Wuhan Collaborators -
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RT @Real_iTamara: Murder charges have been filed against Bill Gates in India for Covid Injection deaths.
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@charlamanesbane @JamesMa96163439 Bill Gates sounds evil.
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RT @AntonioSabatojr: Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. —PSALM 100:4
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