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RT @TajiAqib: If you need a reminder of how many attention-seeking, cornball losers and, well, just stupid people there are in th…
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RT @ActualidadRT: AMPLIACIÓN Rusia suministrará el fármaco Avifavir diseñado para los pacientes que padecen el nuevo coronavirus a…
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12345678 arrived at CFB Goose Bay (Goose Bay) (YYR) at 08:36AM ADT from Gander Int'l (YQX) after 1:33 en route…
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@UnrealJJohnson @GifZelda Dude have you seen that virtual console library? Take a gander and the legendary line-up…
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@ains_marie I have a gander for you & see 🤓 #Sanditon #SanditonPBS #SaveSanditon
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RT @GahsYQX: Trans International Airlines DC8 at Gander on a summers day c.1972. TIA was an American airline from 1966-1986 oper…
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RT @frogrove: @DJChocolateMLK It's open season now, apparently. So those 'doers of good works' at Fraser should be eager to fully…
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@SteveKaye84 @sathyajames @JmeBBK might be weird to say but you gotta do the wipe test, use normal tp and wipe then…
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RT @Hallidonto: Heyyyyy! Just launched a frontier on the @opensea Have a wee gander me arty's!!
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CampingWorld is publicly traded under symbol CWH. It also owns Gander Outdoors, a retailer with 60+ stores. Lemonis…
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@hasrock36 It's the bbc let's just say they are having a "proppa' gander"
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If you need a reminder of how many attention-seeking, cornball losers and, well, just stupid people there are in th…
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@Tbarbie19 @DianeRusset While some of you guys weren’t there, a lot of people called out Katrina and dragged her to…
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Road trip!!! ......only to Gander and Grand back tonight #newfoundland #miniroadtrip
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RT @RTultimahora: ÚLTIMA HORA Rusia suministrará el medicamento contra el covid-19 Avifavir a siete países de América Latina…
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@SoloHan75 @halinawozniak01 Ja bym się upierał że to trans gander ale nas wyszkolili już takimi wzorami operuję
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Mon 08:30: Partly Cloudy; Temp 18.3 C; Humidity 78%; Press 101.5 kPa / rising.
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@GeeDeeEx @hsw50123 I might just have to take a gander at that, is it all the original characters?
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@KenyanTraffic @ntsa_kenya @NPSOfficial_KE @RGichuru Come down from your high horse of pride and prejudice. What is…
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