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RT @oplanetaazul: A aplicativo Cérebro Ativo, parceria a FAPESP com a ISGAME - International School of Game, usa jogos especialmente…
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The main argument football twitter have against the super league is "It's ruining football !" yet they haven't said…
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@sparkle_games 정흡은 마앾입니다.
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I be playing games, because I cant play with anyone's feeling.
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Wayland Games: New Warhammer Age of Sigmar Pre-orders! Full article here
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@ProduKtJRG @ufc Masvidal beat Diaz before that. Also mma and boxing are very different games.
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Every game and pretty much every bet here is positive EV. If you don’t want to put 25 on each game then pick the ga…
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@Roc_Spot What exactly do you dislike about it? How do you think it will affect the fun we get from watching games?
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RT @DREAMAPOLOGIST: im literally begging you all to stop asking streamers to play doki doki and sally face, they’re intensely triggerin…
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RT @benghazi_ebooks: When in reality, they know who sex offenders are and they play games to cover-up the crimes and allow them to keep…
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Small-Sided Games & Player Development #developmentalleagues
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RT @draecomino: In the past if you played video games you were called a nerd. Today if you don't play games you are called a boomer.
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RT @QTMisakiChi: @Ookami_Zante You ever played the first two? Was hard for me to like that one given the previous games felt like a…
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RT @GaryLineker: @tancredipalmeri @FIFAWorldCup If you’re winning games/points you wouldn’t have to qualify.
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RT @KZN22_: Newly promoted Leeds beat Champions-elect Manchester City last week and have just grabbed a point against the curre…
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@snasty96 We understand, may we know if you purchased the game in the same account as the coins? For missing conten…
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D’Angelo Russell has been struggling shooting the last 4 games. He’s a combined 18/47 (38%). But tonight he gets Sa…
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RT @LoramieRedskins: Today’s JV baseball and softball games will now start at 4:30 to beat the incoming rain/snow @BaseballLoramie
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@rtkxxiii @sambonsu89 U mean same James Rodriguez; that average player will jump at any team that will save his lif…
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@YouTubeGaming @WCultureGaming It seems like their target audience is younger than some of the Batman games, if the…
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