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OK Folks. We are all set Our first "Daily Charting Drill" will commence on Wednesday, the 2nd of December Please…
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Ok. Let me say video will be coming out soon. I am sorry for like changing the time 100 times. I promise this will…
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@softybunnix @SB19Official It's ok Kaya naten toh para SA future 💙💪
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idk if i should be crying over my future or the fact that im so worried for the plot sishksksj ok let’s just do both 😭💪
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The future belongs to those who believe in it ,strive hard and never give up bcos It gonna be ok just bliv it💪💪…
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@OptionsTic Ok I see, thanks! Alright lot of work to do then 💪 Would be great if you include some educational conte…
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