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RT @RealJamesWoods: When Hunter’s laptop hit the front page...
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RT @BlessUSA45: NYC: Someone just dropped a sh-tload of TAR on the BLM mural in front of #Trump tower. 🤣 Deblasio is going to have…
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Has he got a view? Yes, they're sitting right in front of him, Fiona #antiquesRoadshow
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RT @JohnFugelsang: Car in front of me at red light has a bumper sticker says 'honk if you love Jesus.' So I honk. Then he gives me the finger.
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bowser transmasc. the lines on his front are top surgery scars. theres so many of them because he had a lot of weir…
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@xXteaIXx what would you do if there was a teal right in front of you
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Front footed today. Like the look of this midfield. No Willian always a plus.
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RT @sam_adeyemi: overcame things that have divided our country and frustrated it’s development including eth…
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And Johnson was setting fire to banknotes in front of homeless people.
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@Luigi260657 No but the woman manager is gonna walk is to the station whilst the other manager watches out the front!
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RT @AamerAnwar: Catholic Church wants “24-hour lifting of restrictions on gatherings & celebrations, a break in the war on Covid, j…
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@BackintheBronze That deathlock gun is confusing. Revolver in the back & scope in the front? Every time I see this cover it annoys me.
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RT @UARFNYC: We have launched our new initiative #BeyondNov3 to respond to the threat of violence and repression around the pres…
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A coward when you're alone and acting like a tyrant when you're in front of other cowards!
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RT @paintedroes: an aetherial rift opens up on the southern front and we return to Eureka Pagos for 5.4
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RT @Thamina_F: Awaiting the Charlie Hebdo front cover satirical cartoon of French flag butt-wiping. Except that’s not going to ha…
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Banks act to stifle home loan boom; rates raised to deter borrowers, stamp duty holiday fuels rush - front page of…
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@EmmanuelMacron Hey jewhadi abusing Islam French culture? Is burning Quran in front of your media chan…
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So why didn't we start with a front three of Saka-Aubameyang-Pepe?
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