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RT @bitlocus: Invest FIAT directly into Decentralized Finance opportunities! #Bitlocus offers a De-Fi Investment Platform for Fi…
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RT @violet_twts: friendly reminder <3
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RT @NikitaD30282929: #छठ_पूजा_Reality Do you know that only by doing scripture-friendly devotion to the Supreme God, the seeker gets com…
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RT @violet_twts: friendly reminder <3
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RT @shelternews: Monty 🧡 would like to wish everyone happy #whiskerswednesday A former stray, he’s so friendly and just loves a lot…
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RT @bukenya21: Change your cooking experience with @magma_stoves and save up to 85% of the charcoal used daily with magma stones t…
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@PeachyBerryNana ini agak kejam tapi yang ketiga kedengeran lenih ramah dan friendly😂 makasi sarannyaa!
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Or maybe you were drawn in by his compelling-sounding hypothesis and friendly demeanor?
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RT @newscientist: Nasty, brutish and short? No, our ancestors survived because they were compassionate and friendly
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RT @HeyEmJude: Friendly reminder as I sob in my room that Sondheim was Jewish and RIP is not how we honour the dead
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@AirinhoJoga Isso não volta. Apesar de ter sido bom, um jogo estilo bo3 exige muito mais skill. Tendo em vista que…
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@linn_fey Wanna friendly go out? :)
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RT @Rina_The_Esper: I want to host a space for where transmascs and transfemmes can discuss our experiences with each other in a way th…
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RT @ArunPatidar_: #HowToFindMentalPeace Only by doing scripture-friendly devotion, we can achieve Kabir Parmeshwar. for more inform…
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RT @violet_twts: friendly reminder <3
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RT @davidbewart: While Scott Morrison described the talks as “friendly”, Ms Archer said she was ambushed by the meeting and had earl…
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@dryblowhole Yeah, me too mate. I’ve been in the receiving end of a similar ambush, on the pretence of a “friendly,…
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RT @medschooladvice: Also a friendly reminder that it’s not considered true vaccine research if it can be done from the comfort of your…
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@jesspussy3 My sister lives around that area. Seems ok but you get good and bad everywhere don’t you. The people are friendly x
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RT @lovabeom: ✍️#20 (Entertainment): Ah Choi Yeonjun is so fucking queer-friendly ㅠㅠㅠㅠ "It's the first time I've seen an idol li…
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