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RT @uhkooo: that theory of mono being playlist rather than a mixtape because its something a friend makes for another friend n…
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@Daralohi Haha OYO my arsenal friend 👌
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My best friend of 6 years isn’t black and says the n word...the way I’m just gonna use her for food and money then…
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My partner in crime, my best friend. I love you @RealNicolePain I need to get back in this shape lmao
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RT @ArnabRepublicc: Are you in love with #Prabhas as much as we are? Then retweet with your answer and tag all the big Prabhas fans in…
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CAME ON! come to my island! and have fun add me as a friend and don't steal! add me! SW-1091-9800-0830 🥛🖤…
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✨when you feel stressed as hell and pretty triggered making you wanna be little but you need to be there for your b…
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RT @pradip103: My friend Niranjan of @Republic was yet again harassed by Mumbai Police. He was threatened to reveal his sources, t…
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RT @BFurniture3: Wondering how to #glam your #house? Don't worry no more we are here to give you professional ideas all for #FREE…
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RT @tweetsbykeezy: “ umm I’m sorry to hurt your feelings but I just see you as a friend don’t want to lead you on “
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RT @seanspicer: Breaking: Debate Commission updates rules. During the debate @JoeBiden will have the option of phoning a friend, a…
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This part simply says "Police is my friend" Middle fingers to eyin #EndSARS
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RT @BenGarland63: Really excited to read my friend @thedocjacobs new book, There and Back Again. Loved learning parts of his story wh…
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@colingreten Right!!!!! He’s so bad “a friend of mine, who is on the board of trustees, like I am, at every school,…
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RT @marsupial1234: @msexcel Asking for a friend; just wondered how you add more rows?
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RT @EeveeEuphoria: it's time for a cold friend avatar
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RT @ParveenKaswan: Where lord Shiva resides at #Kedarnath. Heaven is the word. Forwarded by a friend.
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RT @AmyTrask: My friend @mikefreemanNFL is writing for @Deadspin, which is really neato - and he quoted me, which I also think is…
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RT @AaeMae: I’ve never been the jealous “friend” I wanna see everyone winning, even if it’s before me.
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RT @MesutOzil1088: What a week for my friend @PetrCech! On Tuesday: Named in @ChelseaFC's PL squad for 20/21. Thursday: Starting for…
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