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RT @westend_one: @MaryRiddell I agree with the French foreign minister’s conclusion ‘this is a Monty Python government’
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RT @DroidTrackr_fr: FrAndroid : Ma French Bank vs Orange Bank : quelle est la meilleure néobanque française ? #Culturetech…
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RT @AirbusDefence: The #A400M Tactical Air Display is certainly one of the stars at Luxeuil Air Show 2021 this weekend. The display te…
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RT @geoallison: 🚨 NEWS | It has emerged that Australia rejected the French submarine offer "because the consistency of the hull wou…
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@damnmanahil Its a French work
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Stabbed in the back? The French aren’t mincing their words! Morrison’s pretty handy with a knife when everyo…
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@Timmo_Crowley @v_j_freeman I agree Tim, and UK Gov's, of all colours, have for far far too long not properly plann…
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@RealPepeEscobar do you think the french people would be able to sustain to be the target of 'democratic sanctions'…
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RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 18 September 1932 | A French Jewish girl, Rosa Farber, was born in Paris. On her 10th birthday she was deported fr…
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RT @Meghalagarwal_7: In Spanish Perfecto In Italian Perfeczionare In French Parfait In my language Avneetkaur She is perfect just…
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RT @DifangAko: @Sebastien_Nadot It hurts to see French colonialism challenged, doesn't it? God willing other African countries wil…
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RT @ErendisG: C'est parti pour coder avec le Q en live sur #twitch ! Et on ira se détendre après sur #DEATHLOOP !…
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RT @VeBo1991: France , the new beacon of freedom ! French Patriot Warriors protesting 10th weekend in a row ! Vive la France 🇫🇷
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RT @NatGeo: In French Polynesia, waves are revered and feared at the legendary surf break off the village of Teahupoo
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@kimwillsher1 So, BoJo really does translate in French to right w*anker
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RT @MallanganeeMan: @Bukumbooee @davidbewart I think we can rule out Chinese or French donors.
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RT @DeFidoToken: 30 Minutes after Coinbase tweeted to introduce #Floki the #SHIBA to his new friend $DEFIDO, this token was born! 4…
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Ces savons viraux TikTok de T.Taio sont une éponge et un savon en un ! En prime, ils sentent divinement bon. Achet…
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Sybil #footjob in clip Slutty Sybil just came back from getting a french pedicure and wants to rub a hard cock. Her
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