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This is a photo from Norway taken many years before this pandemic (I found it on my old dropbox from 2017). Safe to…
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RT @endangered: Rat poison found in over 80% of bald eagles in a US study
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@ChurchOfBalfe When we found out we were on the same train to NY 😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰
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RT @George_Taylor94: "The greatest #Batman is found, HBO Max, and we will stop at nothing to see his solo movie." "Ready the Hashtags.…
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RT @Rahul41993427: Raina was injured during 2007 WC Clear your facts Rohit sharma during 2011 wc not found error 😭😭
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@SpookySocialist @69Damask The NHS found no evidence that puberty blockers help children with gender dysphoria with their mental health
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RARE OG Picasso found under butt. Think everyone should bid on this as it's real art.
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The Irob of Ethiopia have been found dead of starvation and massacres by Eritrean troops. When will the @UN Securit…
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RT @Khushi9595: Raise your voice for Ajaz Ansari who lynched and found his body in the river at Sitamarhi, District of Bihar. Join…
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it absolutely sucks that i found culture club right when the pandemic hit, been two years of waiting! wishing to se…
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RT @peterheltai: The best photo I’ve found of The Queen and #PrincePhillip. He had decided to prank her by dressing as a guard when…
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He wont. It's an endurance test. That's the best way to test people hes found. As strength often depends on speci…
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RT @Soc_Sciences: Prince Andrew "The messages I have been getting are outstanding"... He obviously hasn't found his way onto Twitter 😂
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RT @svfmxr: Tw // racism An unknown black male was admitted into our ICU last night. The information we received prior to his…
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@bugdeaIer @NimbusAbe where can I found one bro?
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@namomnetempus now THIS is a proper tablecloth! found it for free on the street and it’s so terrible i actually lik…
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Scrolling through my gallery and found this. Exactly 3 years ago.. the last time i was part of the production team,…
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RT @davidschneider: Today we found out: ✅ Boris Johnson still won’t act on Northern Ireland ✅ No10 rewrote “independent” race report ✅…
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