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@KrystleMatar I'm looking forward to reading Legacy of the Brightwash, and I'm glad you let Tashue be his full self…
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@ultracloudx Listen , I’m trying. Im just not looking forward to fighting Bahamut on hard mode again.
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RT @SharanyaAri: Assumed charge as Regional Deputy Commissioner (Central), Greater Chennai Corporation. Looking forward to this grea…
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@IanSplis @SimpleThanos @AWIII75 @SethM70 @SmittyBarstool He’s got really good versatility, great guard/forward and even smaller 5 defender.
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@apatheticscion Flygon eyes the surrounding convoy warily before pulling forward a tad to give himself some room.…
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RT @zeth_total: Many people enjoyed the first version so we've decided to make more, it's ready to be released soon! Look forward t…
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@selipse4 @FerbusG It is! Snow is a personal favorite of mine, really looking forward to the TL
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@TwikTV @PhattdW I look forward to it ☺️
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@mforbeck Yessir. Looking forward to an Ultimates/Newuniversal inspired version of your Brave New World down the road.
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Every day I look forward to sharing a triggering post just to see what people think about something
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@beamanforreal @joshberrocales Sometimes you have to take two steps back to launch ten steps forward.
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Have had such a great time @MayoRadiology I had to stick around another year for #MSK fellowship! So lucky and look…
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RT @pledis_17: [17'S] Hi CARATs🙌 Are you ready to enjoy another day of SEVENTEEN's listening party? If so, join us again at 10PM…
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@JL_Chapman You never defined “moving forward” I thought you were counting this year
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RT @tomohastreasure: @JYHeffect I remember waiting for the fan meeting with excitement this time last year.D-3. I'm really looking forwa…
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RT @WWDP1024: Hello,everybody! tell everybody a good news ! Our team will be working on a small charity aid campaign in India thi…
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RT @PoojaJ08: Millions of people like you and me came forward and together... Without anyone asking you to join ... Without any b…
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@ShuklaRajiv @INCHimachal Inefficiency, lack of forward thinkings , and self-centeredness has ruined Indian economy and peoples future
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RT @MaryMargaretAu1: @SageBrayVaron It’s 1910 #NYC. #Newlywed Emma is being pulled by a strange #force somewhere in the #city and crashe…
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RT @pinkhekate: 🃏✨ virgo, pisces, gemini, sagittarius ✨🃏 The start of this journey/endeavour is not panning out how you expected.…
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