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@atiaxo May Allah SWT Grant Jannatul Firdaws to all our grandparents & parents & forgive their sins inshaAllah Ameen
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RT @David77692706: Just smile,laugh, forgive,believe and love ❤️ all over again ❤️👍
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@AmeliasBrain Thank you for taking the time to answer me. To clarify: 1) Please forgive my ignorance - by "disto…
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RT @fakhrifadzli: Never forgive & forget.
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RT @fakhrifadzli: Never forgive & forget.
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stops to get coffee. His name is Michizou and, ok, Chuuya might have a light crush. He’s even willing to forgive h…
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RT @wakawaka_doctor: “Why did they remove Adamu Garba from IG naaa? It’s too much naa” This is the issue with Nigerians. They can forgi…
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#ColdplayTODAY I don't have the ticket, but I wouldn't forgive myself for not trying .. sooooo early tomorrow to se…
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Love yourself, forgive yourself Love others, forgive others 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
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RT @Sush1D0g3: Long: What do you call these again?...Pecs you say?...Hmmm I like them, so soft and squishy... Forgive me for I ha…
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God Spoke To Me Today 😀 He Said “ Daughter I Give You Permission To Beat A Bitch Ass & Repent Right After , So That…
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RT @Popgoes6: if scott does retire because of this, and we never get a scott-made mainline fnaf title that takes place in fredbea…
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RT @cutiepiesensei: I came to feed y’all things since I never post here. I’m sorry lovelies!! Look at this swimsuit Urbosa I designed…
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@admiralexclipse if they made racist designs then its well within people’s rights to not forgive them. if they dont…
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Forgive me LORD I only did what I thought was right. I am The Sign Of Jonah. Jesus Christ is LORD. Amen.
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Niggas having regret 6 months in cause he 180’d everything he said. They’re really butthurt cause he didn’t forgi…
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RT @kaseema_: At the end of the day Von did his dirt and Asian did hers NOBODY GONE SIT AROUND AND GET TREATED BAD . Kayla b snit…
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@PhDivaDude It’s ok Dr. Wagner we forgive you of your past 😔 /jk
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RT @NikeAdeyemi: Forgive yourself for overlooking red flags
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