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RT @joyofrs: Eh for pain me, if he deleted, but he didn't,.so happy right now. Kidd na man you be. he will not shrink for any mf…
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RT @ITZY_WT: Midzy, if you have the opportunity, please stream ITZY's performance on Naver. 🔗 Don't for…
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@MorpheusNI Anything short of an outright SNP majority will be punted as a failure. Either they forget that other S…
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@heartsoffering Don't forget disinfection please, your feet sweat a lot and are often subjected to damp, closed env…
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@evolvepolitics Forget campaigners; Labour couldn’t even field a candidate in my local elections.
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RT @thatanglo: them random acts of kindness when you needed them the most are the ones you’ll never forget
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RT @WWE_Murphy: #ThrowbackSmackdown - Almost became the head of the table! Smash Me! - Stack Me!- Forget Me!
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RT @bonnie_mntambo: It's okay to miss people but don't ever forget why you distanced yourself.
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RT @jinhwani__: iKONICs, please don’t forget to collect beats, jellies and chamsims everyday. We need to get ready for iKON’s comeb…
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@BBMPCOMM Not at all .....had a covid appointment today at Mathikere uphc.... had booked 5 days ago.... but appoint…
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RT @colmoregan: Dogshit signs in Ireland are so coy and weak. It's all: Bin the poo, scooby doo Can I have a word? Dont forget the…
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RT @HyperX: Tryna forget this happened 6 years ago 😅...
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RT @CaratLandPH: [📢] IDOLCHAMP Voting Vernon is nominated for the poll ‘MBTI ISFP’. Don't forget to vote thrice a day as the voti…
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RT @encoredotdev: If you're like us and often forget the many ways of using 'go get', this #golang cheat sheet might come in handy:
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RT @MissyXMartinez: Girls forget real quick that Luigi has a mansion
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RT @ChoiceUpdates: #Choice! Don't forget to watch the 2021 Ontact G-KPOP CONCERT today! The concert will start at 8PM 🇰🇷 and you can…
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@amesigure114 It's OKAY. I don't forget.
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RT @lisatakeme: FOR LISA SOLO FUND!! like and Retweet this and don't forget to reply your proof of following the sponsor
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RT @harryvotingteam: Retweet to vote #Juice by @Harry_Styles as #BestCoverSong at the #iHeartAwards Don't forget to vote on the websit…
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RT @BeeBalan: “Wow so inspiring” “Hardships build character” When is a character done being built? When can u retire from inspir…
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