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RT @NWSBayArea: Nothing says San Francisco as does this picture -- Fog and the Golden Gate. NWS Employee just snapped this picture…
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[21-01-22 7:01:37] Frost 0% Cloud 30% Fog 0% (To 25.00°C Tr 6.24°C P 759.75mmHg H 30.00% h 2.14m CF 3902m) Ti 3.43°C Uion 3.85V Time 1099ms
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@news24tvchannel @MorningConsult All thanks to BJPs tools like Tek Fog that manipulates social media.
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RT @zfg111: The update to the NSO N64 App cleaned up the infamous dark link water room (though still not perfect) Also slightl…
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RT @DaveCBS4: Dense fog covering parts of the Front Range/Denver metro area with a few light snow showers. It has been especially…
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@ALWETP @storm_colors @BuickRegalGNX @BrogIe_pyon sorry if my tweets seem like i don't - my brain fog is pretty bad…
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21/Jan/2022 Minimum Temperatures:-#IMD #Safdarjung 7.6 #Palam 9.2 #Lodhi road 7.2 Sat: INSAT3DR🛰️ #Delhi…
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RT @thidakarn: วิจัยพบว่า หลังฟื้นจาก #โควิด19 จะมีผู้ป่วยราว 67% มีอาการ 'Brain fog' หัวมึนๆ คิดช้าลง อาการเหมือนนอนไม่พอหรือเมา…
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The fog is coming sadly singing he will bounce the flawed goat lies
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RT @karlmondon: Fog ain't messing around today.
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RT @SamanthaPreis: Someone just informed me it's "National Hug Day". You can give me a hug by buying my album on Bandcamp 😉🎶
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RT @sfchronicle: Scientists studying the persistent “brain fog” that plagues many after a bout with COVID-19 are reporting, for the…
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"Ally you only get like 2 or 3 viewers" yeah but i also get properly rendered fog so
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RT @thidakarn: 'Brain fog' ไม่ใ่ช่คำทางการแพทย์ แต่เป็นคำทั่วไปใช้บรรยายอาการมึนๆ หัวตื้อๆช้าๆ มักเกิดจากนอนไม่พอ เมาค้าง เครียดจั…
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@tilnightfall 10 Horror Movies to get to know me... 1. Hausu 2. Return of The Living Dead 3. Fascination 4. Friday…
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@fog_jm 플미때문이라고도하는데 아미들한테 삐삐정도는 괜챦차나요 아흐~ㅉㅈ🤬내귀걸이
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Omicron થયો હશે તો ટૂંક સમયમાં જતો રહેશે, પરંતુ 1 વર્ષ સુધી શરીરમાં રહેશે આ અસરો! #india #omicron #effects…
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8:55pm 43°F (H 55/L 43) Night time/Fog/Overcast Hum:98% Wind:SSW 0->29mph Baro: 30.39in Rain: 0.95in #wawx
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