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RT @doctorpemm: #IACH19 Nice presentation from my co-chair of our afternoon AML session ➡️ Dr Thomas Prebet @YaleCancer @TheIACH ta…
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RT @berrycvine: @samstaydipped @Always_Focused_ I still miss this entertaining dude Lol even though he snitching y’all would probably be singing too 🙄
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RT @sopharush: Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Small things tend to distract the important things that truly matter. Stay focused.
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RT @blue_saphire5: Good Morning Gorgeous Souls!! Stay focused on your goals, your peace and your happiness! Embrace all that is good i…
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@tweety___007 @sudhasentil Haha .. very true if these Kavin fans focused more on spreading love I don’t think Kavin…
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RT @DVATW: Summary. 90% of UK terror threat comes from radical Islamists BUT Police and Media focused on “far right” threat.
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RT @idoLoukita: dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people. #GivingBackWithLOUve @louyanong
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RT @LinisinAngKalat: There are villains everywhere they FOLLOW big frankiana accts. They love to stir sh*t but lets remain focused. We'…
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RT @the_LTA: "They truly are a community-focused tennis club and their work with local schools, as well as their disability, VI…
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CLICK THE HEART IF YOU LIKE THIS SONG... Focused by Lundon Knighten Kingdom Hip Hop & Urban Gospel 24/7 Christlike…
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RT @avflox: Reading a paper about the effects of mindfulness based cognitive therapy and compassion focused therapy on those wi…
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Thanks for sharing this Michael, I think the music industry doesn’t do enough to celebrate session players, rewards…
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@Elie_D7 He looks very focused very interested to see Vettel get a good lap in I don’t think he’s far off the Mercedes tbh
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What's different about the times when you feel better? Solution Focused #Hypnotherapists can help you identify what's going well right now.
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RT @heartful_ness: A day on which millions of humans will be actively focused on a peaceful future. With the hope of humanity in the m…
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RT @wordsporns: Successful people: 1 wake up early 2 talk less 3 stay laser focused 4 don't waste time 5 live healthy 6 ignore nonsense
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RT @JennE_Penny: This girl really is beautiful I am captivated by her cheeks. And her smile!! Y’all so focused on her hair you didn’…
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@nhsrpbot "It's no problem" before he can open his mouth to say something else, the tap on his nose made him flinch…
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RT @cherryemoticon: deleting my name from all student loans
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the question for mingyu the most handsome member for me is: Jeonghan or The8 he answered jeonghan and they asked…
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