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@SunnyFritz Im bout to cop 1000 just to flush it down the toilet and record it so I can see you crackheads squirm
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@strawbbytoni Once every girls bathroom in my high school was closed off ‘cause the same girl throughout the day fl…
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[Stigmabase HIV] Cancer immunotherapy could flush HIV out from where it hides: Doherty Institute director Sharon Le…
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O, you all can flush yourselves - in case you didn't really understand the point of the post. Thank you
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Patanjali Green Flush toilet cleaner and Gonyle is a unique formula which changes colour while killing 99.9% bacter…
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RT @ayatlan: this is what happens if you flush your pet horse down the toilet
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@THR Translation: Fuck ComicsGate, you're not welcome. Here's your new star. Enjoy The Flush~! 🤙
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RT @crypto_iso: This stuff with $TIME is exactly the type of thing that happens in a bear trend. Flush all this crap out in Q1.
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@strawbbytoni ...not me thinking it was impossible to flush tampons 🤦‍♀️ ppl do that?!?!
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RT @Iyervval: Indian toilets without an S Curve are a severe health hazard. One emphasises lifestyle, convenience & hygiene (s cu…
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Going home & do a sinus flush
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@IntrepidDemise @Nonvieta @bsiqbsiq @jordanbpeterson @elonmusk Ah yes. The all too familiar story of white men “inv…
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@theeSNYDERVERSE Oh. So the marketing campaign for the flush has begun, good to know
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@Kayy__Monet courtesy flush my 🅱️
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Some of y’all are like “I don’t use plastic straws” but you still flush your tampons 😒
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RT @bilikpenyair: margin = jidar bleed = birai flush left = santak kiri flush right = santak kanan indent = ?
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RT @YankeeInstitute: “Why do we need to be talking about new ways to do property tax reform until you’re willing to just pay for the pro…
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RT @80sixblack: @ThatDakari She took a shit at my crib and ain’t flush
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RT @SCOANTBJoshua: Prophet T.B. Joshua prays on in the Mass Prayer clip: “If there is anything you might have eaten at the table of yo…
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