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rts are fine if you want :]
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Why would he need a redemption arc? He's perfectly fine the way he is. He's not a morally good character. He's tras…
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Fine line
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@johntrollston16 @MLBTheShow They have been fine literally all day up until now, when tons people get off work and log on.
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Anche questo fine settimana ha visto le Forze di Polizia e le Polizie Locali della provincia di #Ferrara impegnate…
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RT @AntiXenophobian: Don't ever underated a fine boy with dada. Francis for the win. #NigeriaIdol
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RT @ProvoGal01: I'll never understand why so many people are just fine with being ruled over. I just don't get it 🤦‍♀️
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@PressingReal @DSportiva il rigore di darmian : sachani dice var non doveva intervenire; Graziani dice var interven…
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RT @ZCLFEED: so damn fine 🧎‍♂️
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wait a damn min they look like they can be in a rockstar group???? JIN LOOKING SCRUMPTIOUS WITH HIS MULLET AND JHOP…
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He’s offer brings the smallest smile to her lips, but she is quick to recover with a flick of her dark curls and cl…
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RT @MarkJacob16: This attempt to register and punish fact-checkers is so fascist that it seems cartoonish. But it's not a joke. It's…
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@thefinalwitcher Of course, of course– I'm much the same... Events-- outdoor events! Festivals! Everyone wishes to…
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@seagullh8r Wait it’s fine I didn’t realise it and said I vented n it was so giga sussy
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@ATEEZofficial sai alla fine oggi sono riuscita a fare tutto quello che dovevo fare nonostante tutto spero tu invec…
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¿Qué te gusta más, ciudad o campo? — los atardeceres de mi pueblo escuchando fine line 😌 gracias vieja por hacerme…
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RT @net_ream00: this drawing is strange but cute at the same time. guess i'll post it here if that's fine
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@bluepoisoon Ho chiesto quando poter recuperare un modulo, risposta "il 19" Le mando uno screen chiedendole perché…
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