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I love making fun of you and how you get so annoyed every time I find any random reason to start a fight🤷🏻‍♀️
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Excellent insights just now on @Channel4News into prisoner family’s experience of the #covid19UK threat in @hmpps f…
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@sherfanlok Thanks, I wonder if I can find a similar mix here
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RT @MissILmom: I don’t know if I find this to be Hilarious😂or Scary.😳 💯To each his own... BUT it’s just One More reason, that this…
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@currentiyke @iam_cynthiee I knew I’d find you , @JustKelechi and @Kestim_ here
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RT @fbunational: We are deeply saddened to find out that another firefighter has died from COVID-19 this week. #WeRemember Giorgio…
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RT @melchiormelch: I’m in love with the Spanish biologist who pressed by media why it was taking her so long to find a cure for Corono…
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RT @Tshidisho_053: Bro @OscarMbo do you perhaps know this hun🔥🔥🔥. Her handle and all. Can't find Godfathers' handle here on Twitter…
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@Green123L Sorry replied to the wrong tweet. But I’m lookin to cruise too. If I find one. I’ll let you know. Love to suck your balls dry.
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And i also dont think I need to find out her secrets? Like I said she doesnt really hide it so its not like we dont know
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Visit our website to find your satisfied Ungrouped. #ungrouped
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RT @MahimaSidharthS: If you cannot find a good companion to walk with Walk alone, like an elephant roaming the jungle. It is better to b…
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@alyanah22 @MatthanicTrue I've been trying so hard to find a cat villager! Kiki is a super cutie <3
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RT @EHackerNews: Winja, a free windows application that lets you find potential malware on your system - uses the scanning engine of…
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RT @Roosters_World: I start off this morning with this natural pond fromTrelawny #jamaica. I am struggling to find words to describe…
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RT @bevandeveire: Times are tough and distance is hard, but I hope you find a reason to smile today.
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RT @mariandi78: @DALLMYD New way to find lost rings: Search "throwing my ring away into the river/body of water", then use google m…
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Need to find a stack for ranked because this solo q is driving me insane. Every single game I play has people who c…
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i find it kind of funny i find it kind of sad that dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had
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