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RT @OweeeeenDennis: I like the convenience of streaming, but I'm saddened at how special features have basically become extinct. I lear…
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RT @FiLMiCPro: Great tutorial from @iFilmmakers: "How to Create Cinematic Depth in Your #Smartphone Videos"…
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RT @ELEVEN_ARTS: Musashino Animation will have to reach new heights with their passion for anime as Aoi and the team undertake the p…
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RT @chicagohorror: LAST CHANCE TO SUBMIT YOUR HORROR FILM or screenplay to the Chicago Horror Film Festival via @FilmFreeway before th…
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RT @HBODocs: "I wanted to push the boundaries of conventional documentary filmmaking and find a freedom to tell this story by an…
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Close Captioning Your Indie Film for $1/Minute @rev #filmmaking #indiefilm #entrepreneur **Please Share**
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How to Story Map Your Screenplay with Daniel Calvisi #screenwriting #filmmaking #screenwriter #bps **Please Share**
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Close Captioning Your Indie Film for $1/Minute @rev #filmmaking #indiefilm #entrepreneur **Please Share**
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We were out all day on the first shoot of the Chaos Crown project. As a result, we didn't share the blog post on ti…
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RT @HollywoodHates: Yvonne Strahovski On Serena's 'Handmaid's Tale' Future [Spoilers] filmmaking
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RT @GoIntoTheStory: Francis Ford Coppola: “When you make a movie, always try to discover what the theme is in one or two words. In 'The…
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A lovely piece of filmmaking, about a true artist.
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It's funny to me because two artists who I feel approached filmmaking in similar ways, yet with very different resu…
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#ICYMI I chat with @CarbonellNestor and Shannon Kenny Carbonell about Shannon's new book #AllIsNotLost and their up…
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Everyone please sign up for my filmmaking seminar, “You Can’t Just Put Any Song Over Any Fight Scene, That’s Not How It Works”
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ABS Payroll: A BondIt Company Provided Payroll services to "Frances Ha" #filmmakers #filmmaking #indiefilmmaking…
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We get quite a few filmmakers who DM us and email us inquiring about new episodes. Reminder..@_microbudgetpod is…
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When did editing become so important in the filmmaking process? ►► | #filmediting…
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@CNNPolitics They had every opportunity. He’s an obstructionist.
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@mollyfmielke the craft of filmmaking, specifically editing
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