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speaking of skyward sword, but i remember crying when i heard fi’s signature bloop during the last memory in botw l…
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RT @TimoHaapala: Esko Aho kuittaa Ohisalon twiitit ja kertoo hänelle lyhyesti, millaista 90-luku oli aikuisten oikeasti. Sitä on nuo…
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RT @FMFSoM: 🚨NEW PODCAST EPISODE🚨 We 🔙! The boys talk Liga MX’s COVID-19 troubles and everything exciting that happened in the…
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Wow okay this is really too much . So I’m gonna delete this because me will admit seh me nuh build fi Twitter .
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#presidentielle2022 Les Communistes veulent se présenter ? Mais ils sont sérieux ? Si Marine est au 2nd tour avec u…
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80's @_Limoune Fi 5ater les 40+ Living In Another World (Single Version) by Talk Talk #NowPlaying
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RT @astriferaas: hey guys, consider helping out my great friend loma @latinxelsa ! she's currently in debt for school and could real…
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RT @hblwebb: En isländsk man som blev av med sina armar i en olycka för 22 år sedan har fått två nya. Operationen är den första…
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RT @VetisxArt: Hi! I'm Vetis. I draw a little known plague doctor called Margaret, kobolds, and other lewd things! ✨…
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RT @lunaquete: My new home screen 🥺💕 {RTs are appreciated} Available on Comment below which villagers wi…
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モーニング巡りしていた時に行った。 Wi-Fiがあってコンセント付の席もある。 15種類から3つのディッシュが選べるセットは550円。 パンが素晴らしく美味しい。 アップルシナモンも美味しかった。 いまなら期間限定で持ち帰り10%…
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@AnssiKuivinen Kannattaa lukea 👇🏼
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RT @aenimositi: please please please retweet if you can. holy fucking shit i have an urgent sudden personal expense i have to take…
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@Aliteghteghi صفر مطلق.
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RT @aenimositi: retweets appreciated!! hey, i'm a poc nb lesbian stuck in an abusive home! atm i don't have any means of making mo…
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RT @offshorewindus: 🎧 The Offshore Wind Insider #podcast is back! #Offshorewind veteran @JGrybowski - CEO of @USWind - sits down with…
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Näkökulma: Olen valmis pääministeriksi, sanoo Halla-aho – mutta kuka haluaa perussuomalaisten kyytiin
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fi da gota desgraçado
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Incontro online della European Jewish Association per il Giorno della Memoria #Giornatadellamemoria
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