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RT @girlsinrap: .@NICKIMINAJ is the only female rapper who earned over 2B streams on Spotify so far in 2020 (2.1B).
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I don’t trust any female who thinks what happened to Meg was okay.
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RT @mirajslut: holy trinity of female rap
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RT @JonesyLaird: This cop trolled Antifa. "How do you know I don't identify as female?"
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RT @its_chubby3: Top 10 most beautiful bbnaija female housemate 1. Tacha 2. Tacha 3. Tacha. 4 . Tacha 5 . Tacha 6. Tacha 7 . Tacha…
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RT @washingtonpost: Kentucky’s only Black female legislator arrested on felony rioting charge at Breonna Taylor protest
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RT @Rugratmusic_: Any female reading this, I pray your skin glows and your booty gets fatter ☺️
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RT @swapy6: No rich background ,neither a big city label nor fits in the criteria of fair&lovely but Flt Lt Shivangi Singh epit…
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RT @thtguymicah: Lmaoo a female’s DM’s lowkey will humble you
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RT @SnowFD1: King of Fighters.. Iori Yagami with Female Version :v
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jonghyun is the best male vocalist while wendy is the best female vocalist end of discussion!
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RT @thotcrime3: Another trope I'm sick of: the Modern Jezebel. She's the music industry's answer to the hyper-sexualized Black fema…
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RT @tpwktwoghost: 📲She is not Harry’s latest hookup. She is not Harry’s latest girl. She is Harry’s friend. I’m pretty sure that’s hi…
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RT @PlagueDocCh1M1: Okay, guys, im gonna be going by female pronouns for a while. I dont feel comfortable with male pronouns atm. Ill m…
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RT @lottieratworld: some folks might not be aware so to clarify on that "how are people still unaware" tweet, nick robinson was fired f…
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RT @ArianatorFallen: .@ArianaGrande has now surpassed 21 billion streams on Spotify, she is now the female act in history on the platfor…
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My favorite Capricorn is a female 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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@my3monkees FANTASTIC! I have a 99 Lincoln Continental, 32valve OHC, less than 50,000 mi, big, heavy, runs like a…
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RT @KevinBelbey: “My dad passed away in 2017 after a battle with cancer. With him, it was never a case of I couldn’t do it because I…
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RT @spotify_data: .@Camila_Cabello has now earned over 2 BILLION streams on Spotify in 2020. She’s the 8th female artist to hit this milestone this year.
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