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i let my ego and my walls down to reconnect with the younger generation in my family. it felt good to just laugh about nothing. 🖤
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@didyaknowtensei There was a section near the end that was cool (almost said 2/10) but the whole thing felt like an absolute mess.
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Yesterday felt like a dreammmm
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RT @_Bri_Findlay: @quenblackwell How and why is it “sad” that she felt the need to say this. I’m sure she’s aware of all of the young…
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I felt this fr
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this how i felt cutting red meat out too. you literally feel a difference in ur body/weight.
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When Moira said "Mahirap labanan Ang tinadhana" I felt that😭💔
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last time i cracked my back on one of those chairs in highschool was the last time i felt alive
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RT @whimsical_bones: rt if you ever looked at your body in the mirror and physically had a breakdown over the shape of your body and rea…
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@FURiousDEFENDER Have felt that way my whole life. BUT, I have discovered most people feel exactly the same way,…
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RT @PurpleVacktor: Im currently hooked up to a drain that is through my right cheek and is being led through my body to the area where…
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RT @SamieeTJ: @CyrusMMcQueen OMG Thank You. I thought I was the only one thinking that. I’ve experience it real life and felt it…
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With my braces shifting my teeth I can hardly whistle. Now I know what Peppa pig felt like
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@roseskvll @doylesbian i agree, as soon as i watched it i felt so disturbed and had to actually v*mit
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RT @misayeon: Dahyun: "This album depicts the danger and anxiety that’s felt on the boundary between good and evil. It also has t…
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@pupafobe No problem!! I love your designs for them and as resident furry I felt that by law I had to draw em ! :3 hope you enjoy em
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Please be kind to all retail staff. As a supermarket worker who definitely felt the wrath when people panic bought,…
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RT @TimeSpaceCos: okay but it was incredible. i felt like i was truly at the theatre. Virtual Theatre ESPECIALLY in gaming is such a…
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