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Cause anywhere with you feels right Anywhere with you feels like Paris in the rain Paris in the rain 🇫🇷☔️
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Do you know how it feels to be happy and sad at the same time? I don’t know what to say anymore. I hope you’re happ…
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RT @mandakkoo: sigh..........☹️☹️☹️ (indescribable complex feels)
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RT @roy_samayita: Nobody feels the pain you are suffering through even the ones who once demanded to be yours.. Stay strong and don’t…
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RT @kelechnekoff: Your blessings can’t be blocked. When it feels like they are, it’s probably a redirection to the truly great blessing.
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RT @adrnarhmn: January feels like 2 years bro
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RT @lilavocadu: me and my wallet feels the same way, we both feeling empty
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@bloody_hunk @MaheshJ95622388 @ReallySwara This is INDIA not your Pakistan M***er F**k if you feels like something…
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RT @7signxx: I am amazed at a Person who feels Proud of himself,Who By yesterday was a "clot of blood" & By tomorrow will be a "Particle of Dust"
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RT @ThickLeeyonce: Learn how to push through the laziness. You’ll be so happy with yourself. Productivity feels good.
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RT @adrnarhmn: January feels like 2 years bro
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RT @captaincb97_: "stay with me, stay at home" makes sense because staying with you, with stray kids... feels like home
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@kilnfiendpotter *mini makes toots of good vibes and sounds for fren in the deep feels. Mini knows heavy vibes come…
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RT @H0ELYJIH00N: q: difference between group & solo promotions? jihoon: the emptiness. there are 11 members in our group so when th…
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@mcimaps Wonder how South Virginia feels
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#nowplaying U Don't Know How It Feels by Tom Petty |IOS: | Android:
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Karakin feels a bit disappointing on live servers. Really not much to it - servers get really empty pretty quick. S…
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RT @muftimenk: Tired & weary as you are in your journey, you’re not alone. Your heart feels so much pain. You’re not alone. You ne…
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RT @adrnarhmn: January feels like 2 years bro
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RT @SlumberReads: I feel like I’ve been expanding as a creator lately with all of these livestreams and buckling down on a upload sch…
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