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RT @Peacetweetsfor1: Your playlist tells a lot about how you are feeling.
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myself to wake up and I remember the feeling of forcing myself awake to hurt like hell 😅.
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Sometimes I pretend and pretend that I’m happy with you when I’m reality what I felt for you is no longer what Im feeling
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RT @fitriahhajiman: Pernah tak? Tiba tiba rasa sebak. Rasa nak menangis. Its like you are feeling so sad, but you just don't know why.
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@DuncnRW this is hilarious for someone like me because i was told to do this to practice tapping and to avoid feeli…
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RT @monipersona: jungkook feeling this betrayed when namjoons answer turned out wrong is peak comedy 😭
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He motivates me when I’m feeling lazy
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RT @MNageswarRaoIPS: Retired IGP from Kerala👇 "Things are very bad here Sir. CPM is now Islamic party due to large scale induction of Ms…
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RT @cyjscult: - a thread of youngjae smiling : for everyone who's feeling uneasy right now because of what's happening. this is for you.
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RT @natecavalieri: There has to be a long German word for whatever the awful/delightful feeling it is to watch @DanKalb try to talk ov…
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o sea es q digo bueno no quiero novio pero luego escucho la canción “yo no se vivir sin ti” y ptm el feeling de q u…
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RT @AmberRoseGill: I hate feeling helpless all the time I can sign a petition and I can donate to a cause and I can speak out but how…
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I can get used to that feeling 🥴
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Being ghosted is the worst feeling ever. That’s it. That’s the tweet
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RT @hazzaxftdt: Can we all agree on this: What a feeling- Liam ft. One direction Right now- Zayn ft. One direction Fools gold- Nia…
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RT @thetribeguy: The struggle of wanting to get off twitter but wanting to keep informed but also wanting to secure my mental health…
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just got done with one of my essays idk feeling kinda proud
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RT @BeUtifulEnigma7: That feeling when the only thing you want/need seems to be the one thing you cannot have.
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RT @ztsamudzi: Is your anxiety bad brain chemistry or is it the reasonable feeling of existential overwhelm at all the ways empire…
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ate some ice cream and now my dumb lactose intolerant ass is feeling sick woooo
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