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My Father Library
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And for our first dance we may call on the father of the bride. #BJShockingReaLity KapusoBrigade @MulawinBatalion
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RT @marleemutt: being a single father is hard ft @cloudynaps sobble and @kittengfs largee scorbunny #furry #furryfandom
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MUSIC: Kwesi Arthur ft. DayOnTheTrack, J.Derobie – Father
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RT @fawwazrasydan: “Thank u doctor, we’ve been trying for 8 years” - Father, holding his first son Things patients tell u breaks the…
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@mcgaggles As a kid, my brain exploded when the host of Zoobilee Zoo played Geordi LaForge’s father on Star Trek: T…
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I woke up anxious so today is going to be shit also happy birthday to my pos father I hope he’s rotting in hell
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RT @Bosslogic: My friend just started watching #DragonBallZ and she said "I love the relationship between goku and gohan, goku is…
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RT @EduardoHagn: According to @mundodeportivo, @Arsenal have taken the first steps to move ahead of the competition for the signing…
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RT @thetaeprint: Q: Example of why your dad is a hero? 🐯Well, my grandmother usually took care of me but every weekend my parents w…
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RT @EncouragingDads: Every child deserves & needs to know they are ⁠loved, cherished, & adored.⁠
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RT @MaxLucado: In Matthew 6 Jesus prayed, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on…
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and our first dance is the father of the bride #BJShockingReaLity KapusoBrigade @MulawinBatalion
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Proud father, husband, and Trump supporter. Anywhere else but California this would be a great resume. Corruption,…
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RT @CNBC: The father of the yield curve indicator says now is the time to prepare for a recession.
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RT @Love_Daventry: Father Christmas will be touching down at Daventry Country Park to meet youngsters on Monday 23 December between 10…
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RT @PaymanBenz: Brb going to vomit for the rest of my life
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RT @hertaetae: Taehyung just said that When He was young his biggest hero was his Dad whatever he did he looked really cool to him…
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Jesuit community commemorates first anniversary of late Father Victor
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Father lord 🙏 when my friends are balling. Don't lemme be d ólòríbúrùkú shouting Opooor Opooor🔊 🙌🙌
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