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A TVCatanyol fan una classe de la teoria del establisment sobre l'energia eolica etc no hi ha cap veu de les altre…
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RT @easierkinks: we don’t talk about the year 2017 as a 5 seconds of summer fan
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RT @IndirectasRock: Soy fan de escucharte hablar de algo que te interesa o te gusta.
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am i a fake fan if i haven't heard ariana's unreleased songs
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RT @Rr36467848: Retweet to confuse a Miami fan
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RT @keyon: Fantastic beasts the most unsatisfying movie series ever even as a potter fan
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RT @nmplol: We did it guys!!! @Whataburger x nmplol partnership! Come watch 9/28 from 10am-12pm CST as we try out the return o…
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@QuinnConstante @ChanelRion @OANN So wait you’re a Tigers, Lakers, and Jazz fan…
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la eve pidiendo ig de los chicos soy fan
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📌 Un fan de Star Wars llegó a nivel leyenda con la réplica que construyó en su casa...
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I dont get why are we too fucking proud to put in our best line up for tonight? Is it because its just a Carabao cu…
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@kellyalyaj I see me @kellyclarkson if you see this tweet I am a big fan from the UK 👋
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RT @___inCANdescent: Ngl I’m scared for her. Y’all know the fan base is unhinged.
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RT @alapadma2: That joke also implied that young girls don't care about global issues. They do. And maybe there is a 15 year old f…
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RT @LUFC_JMC: If you are a Leeds United fan on Twitter you gain followers just for supporting the best team in the land #LUFC…
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RT @Lu_Shia97: I mean i love how jimmy fallon is not loud as fan of bts unlike james corden a loud fan of bts but also a clout cha…
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@BunChata Im a big fan of having striaght lines for mouth too!!!!! i know it's hard to communicate with model artis…
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Should I do a fan meet-up to celebrate my birthday this Friday?
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As much as I’m not the biggest fan of NM, I’m just glad I don’t live in a state like Texas or Florida where the governors are fucking dumb
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RT @JESnowden: Did you used to be a pro wrestling fan but gave it up at some point? Now is the time to come back. @AEWonTNT isn…
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